Börse Express – Bosch Technik fürs Leben award for the 15th time for the best emerging HTL talent

The winners are HTL Klagenfurt Mössingerstraße, HTL Pinkafeld and HTL Eisenstadt. A total of 822 projects submitted by over 3,100 students from all over Austria.

Vienna (OTS) – 49 diploma theses from 139 students from 22 HTL in 9 federal states, 15 nominated projects and 3 winning teams: “HTL Oscars” were presented on June 9, 2022 at Bosch’s historic vehicle hall in Vienna Simmering. A motion analysis tool, a fully automated slipper factory and a multi-functional digital stationary clock – these are the winning designs of the 15th round of the Bosch Invented for Life award in Austria. The HTL student teams from Klagenfurt, Eisenstadt and Pinkafeld were able to take home the coveted trophies in the Mobility Solutions, Industrial Technology and Connected Living categories this time – and with them the Ixo cordless screwdriver from Bosch and an invitation to BehindTheScenes at the Bosch location in Austria for an exclusive insight into Bosch world.

15 Years of Technology for Life Award
With the Technology for Life award, the Bosch group in Austria has launched an initiative that is now very well established and has been promoting young talents and helping them start their professional lives for 15 years. A total of 822 projects from over 3,100 students were submitted to the largest HTL competition initiated by the company in Austria. Only the best works will be awarded. “The name says it all:” Invented for life “stands for reliable, well-thought-out and innovative solutions that make our lives easier,” says Helmut Weinwurm, head of Bosch Austria. “The anniversary year has come again: when Austrian HTL talents develop applications for everyday life, and thus technology for life, there is no limit to a wealth of ideas.” HTL students worked on their submissions for many months before finally being judged by a distinguished jury.

The importance of competitions such as the Technology for Life Award was emphasized by the juror DI Wolfgang Kern, Head of Department I / 11 of the Technical, Commercial and Art and Craft Schools at the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research: “By participating, the long-term HTL Graduates receive their first business card and they show what they can already achieve, where they are going and what they would like to try. On the other hand, such contests offer a platform through which the audience learns about the achievements of HTL talents. Additionally, participants receive motivating feedback. “

Winner Mobility Solutions 2022: “Commean Traffic Analysis”

Luca Neighbor and Stefan Pisjak from HTL Mössingerstraße in Klagenfurt have developed a traffic analysis tool with camera and artificial intelligence that recognizes different types of vehicles in liquid and stationary traffic and processes the collected data for analysis. “Thanks to innovative algorithms and the right sensors, Commean can recognize many different vehicle categories, even distinguishing between truck trailers and vehicles that are close together. This reliable assessment can be used to target or improve the flow of traffic in a targeted manner. A comprehensive and demanding task was solved by only two students at a decent level, ”said the jury.

Connected Living 2022 Winner: “Classmate”

Jonas Brandstätter, Florian Kogler and Daniel Zöger from HTL Pinkafeld have built a multifunctional digital class clock called “ClassMate”. The device combines various functions such as a clock, an announcement system, a bell and an air quality meter, thus saving space and money. In addition, ClassMate reminds of classmates’ birthdays and an activated Wi-Fi hotspot optimizes Wi-Fi reception in the classroom. “The highly complex work combines many different specialist fields such as mechatronics, optics, electronics, software and network interfaces, providing an innovative solution for real-world applications,” said the jury.

Industrial Technology Winner 2022: “PANTO Plus”

Bernd Böhm and Leo Probst from HTL Eisenstadt have created an intelligent production unit for the fully automatic production of open mules with anatomically corrected soles. Thanks to the so-called “PANTO Plus”, individually adapted slippers made of renewable resources can be produced fully automatically for each student. “HTL students brought different departments together, built a prototype and implemented an innovative solution for the health of young people in a holistic way – in the spirit of technology for life,” said the jury.

Top-class jury

The jury members of the main Technology for Life Award 2022 competition are:

– prof. Dr. Bernhard dolny, Vienna University of Technology

– Dr. Andrea Scheichl, Austria. Patent Office

– DI Wolfgang Kern, Ministry of Education

– prof. dr inż. dipl. Wilfried Sihn, Vienna University of Technology

– Mage (FH) Helmut Weinwurm, head of Bosch Austria

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