Deutsche Bahn: How the group falls asleep on the night train


A train without its own night trains: in unfamiliar beds through Europe

Deutsche Bahn: The new ticket app for € 9

Deutsche Bahn: The new ticket app for € 9

The 9 euro ticket is valid in Germany from today. With the start, Deutsche Bahn released a new application especially for this ticket.

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Night trains are back in fashion. Is it also business? Deutsche Bahn does not do this. About the business of others.

Berlin. this night trains are on siding Deutsche Bahn. From niche business retired in 2016 and has been in the hands of partners ever since. If you want to travel across Europe by night train, you can reserve a place in a couchette or sleeper car on the train, but only in someone else’s bed.

FROM tourist market changes. In times of climate change, people enjoy taking the train, even at night. Nostalgia is served. The supply of private companies is growing. The night train business does not seem to be a hopeless source of loss.

The Bahn is sleeping: Austrians run a niche business

The train has it mini boom I didn’t overslept. Finally, on its website it offers a number of excursions: Hungarian (to Budapest) and Croatian night trains (to Zagreb), but above all the Austrian “Nightjet” to Innsbruck, Lienz, Basel, Zurich, Verona, Milan. Bologna, Florence, Rome, Udine, Treviso and Venice.

traffic expert Filip Kosok von Agora Verkehrswende says: “For passengers, it is not important which railway company is offering the transport.” He explained to our editorial team that it might make sense for Deutsche Bahn to focus on other segments: “they are doing well with high-speed ICE connections.”

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Night trains: it’s also about impressions

Meanwhile, the Austrian Federal Railways set a new course. You establish yourself night train provider in Central Europe. Business is expensive: special vehicles, own maintenance systems. Not every new connection should be profitable. It is often more expensive than the plane. And yet the Austrians entered the profit zone.

If you take the late train to Venice this Friday at 21:28 in Berlin, you will still have to pay a one-way fare in second class with Bahncard 25 249.55 euros. Eurowings flies for 125.89 euros and, despite stopping, reaches its destination after four and a half hours. By train, arrival at Santa Lucia station is scheduled for Saturday at 14:12.

New routes also from private competitors

One must have time (or fear of flying?) Or make an informed decision about boarding the train, whether for environmental reasons or because of a special experience. Arriving quickly is not enough. The route is the destination the route can be an experience, for example the Alpen-Sylt-Night-Express, which leads from the mountains to the sea, or the Berlin-Night-Express – via Hamburg and Copenhagen – to Sweden.

The Swiss Federal Railways and the French SNCF also have them potential recognizable and offer new night routes Vienna-Munich-Paris, Zurich-Cologne-Amsterdam. green city tour, start-up from the Netherlands, took off at the end of May in an overnight train with 16 carriages in Germany. “Everything’s going really well so far,” said Maarten Bastian, CEO and co-founder of GreenCityTrip Seats are “approximately 95 to 96 percent full”. A sleeping car will take you from Dortmund to Prague or from Bad Bentheim to Gothenburg.

Nostalgics are gaining in value

Besides, it has always been Routes for nostalgia: Santa’s Express, a journey through Finland. Or: Istanbul Sofia Express, which covers the last leg of the Orient Express. Nostalgia has always been worth the money. Does the night train also flourish on the regular routes, or is the boom simply conjured up? In the statistics, explains the expert Kosok, the number of passengers is not shown separately.

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