Interview with musicians Florian Rupert Starflinger and Sebastian Horn

Bayern Babos: Florian Rupert Starflinger (left) and Sebastian Horn

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Summit: Florian Rupert Starflinger and Sebastian Horn are warming the anticipation for a three-quarter double Django3000 show.

What is the magic of an evening in Tollwood, at most one of those wonderfully warm and, above all, dry ones?
Starlings: The whole festival is great, it’s really something special. You rarely have something like this – in such a beautiful environment for us musicians. And the performance conditions are really special.

horn: I am happy too every time. I hardly ever go to Tollwood like that. When I play there, I have time to walk for an hour or two. I always take something home with me.

Seriously? Not enough servers for giraffe salad or drums?
horn: I love markets. I like shopping there. And there are also good things to eat. I love it.

Starlings: You feel completely comfortable and at home on such evenings. This is the third time we have been in Tollwood as a band.

Let’s assume it’s really one of those legendary hot evenings. What is it like to play in a tent?
horn: It suits me. Singing is best when it is warm and humid. Hot, steamy air in the tent – wonderful. I also like to sweat.

Starlings: A tent is never the first choice for performance venues. But such a gigantic circus tent does something.

horn: It’s not just a front tent. Tollwood just knows from years of experience how to deal with artists in a great way. What is there to eat! And you can pull back completely. The backstage is so nicely done.

Starlings: Made with lots of love! There is a small garden in the center where the musicians feel really comfortable before and after the performances.

One is curious about what your two teams have in common. But wasn’t that getting to know each other in the backstage garden by the fire or grill?
Starlings: We have known each other personally for a long time. But it has less to do with three-quarters of the blood and more to do with banana-fishbones. During this time, we were allowed to participate in the act of support.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating a great concert together?
Starlings: We ended up with the same concert agency – Eulenspiegel. Then the question arose who would we like to have to kick off our concert in Tollwood. It was immediately clear to us: we do not want to have an opening act. We want to play a double concert. With three quarters of blood, that would be amazing. We have never done this!

Are you just being very polite: how much is a double gig different from the usual process with the main band and support band?
Starlings: It’s just equal – in length and volume. In this way, we can reach even more people. Our species is similar in some ways, but different. I think we’re going to get a really nice intersection.

horn: One of the coolest things is that Django fans and ours get mixed up. So there will definitely be times when one or the other who may not know the other team that well will suddenly notice: Whoops, what’s going on there?

You know and you can immediately feel that you are all passionate live musicians and party beasts. But where exactly do you see such intersections?
horn: Of course, the Bavarian is common. Dreiviertelblut has amazing bandwidth, from songs that feel like film music that are really relaxed and slow to songs that really move!

Starlings: The instrument set is also a crossroads. You also play almost purely acoustically or with slightly enhanced acoustic instruments.

horn: We use an acoustic guitar, but also an electric guitar. Of course, we both have a double bass.

But isn’t Django 3000 breathing down your nape and making you sweat because it usually speeds up a little more?
horn: Don’t worry. We will keep up!

Starlings: There are two different types of entertainment. And that in one evening. Pretty amazing!

What does a strategic meeting look like in advance, how to arrange a joint concert? Or is your ego too big not to let each other look at your cards?
horn: not applicable! Not at all. It will be very interesting: we just watch how we are going to do something together. It will work great for some tracks – I’m sure of that. We’re going to create something. It’s always exciting when a band starts messing up with interchangeable players. I’m really looking forward to this!

Starlings: And how! It also completely deviates from the idea of ​​competition. On the contrary: at such concerts there may be something that can be done more often in the future.

How difficult is it for you to spontaneously deviate from your usual routine – and tame a song in a different way: Or are you being bothered by perfectionism?
Starlings: Perfectionism? Certainly not with us. We let live quite a lot. Variations are fun for musicians. We are so professional that you can discuss something like this spontaneously during a sound check. It does not require much preparation or trials. I think people in the audience like it too – when they realize that something very special is spontaneously appearing on stage.

You have a lot to do towards new albums: will it be a concert for the new album “AliBabo”?
Starlings: Why, for sure. We play new songs. You just have to try it out. At some point you can feel where which song fits. And of course they are a little different live or on record. But we’re working on our songs until they go live.

horn: We have also been working on a new album for a long time. Two-thirds of our live set are new songs. We recorded twice during the pandemic. But now, during a live performance, we realized that we had to mess with the structure of the songs so much that we came to the conclusion: Let’s record them again!

Starlings: We often feel the same. Only live can you see if the song is really strong.

horn: And of course very important: how the audience reacts. How nice that we are having fun again in front of the big tent. There’s nothing better.

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Original from the Oberland: Florian Rupert Starfinger he carries his friends with violin and guitar Django3000 on. He founded the band in Chiemgau in 2011. He has been a singer and bassist since 1987 Sebastian Horn With Banana Fish Bones from Bad Tölz on the road. Since 2013, he has been playing in a duet with a film musician and Co-founder of Milla Gerd Baumann in three quarters of the blood. A must for all fans: performing together on June 19 at the Tollwood Music Tent.

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