New stadium in the northwest of the Olympic Park: Hertha presents the design of its “chocolate box”.

A new stadium in the northwest of the Olympic Park

Hertha presents the design of her “chocolate box”.

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45,000 seats, a new shape – and South American style: Hertha BSC presented the details of a possible new stadium in the North West Olympic Park of the Olympic Park sports committee of the House of Representatives in Berlin.

Hertha BSC has for the first time publicly presented the adapted designs for the planned stadium in the Olympic Park. The Bundesliga football club has responded to the proposal of sports senator Iris Spranger (SPD) to build a stadium in the northwest corner of Olympiapark on Maifeld.

Capacity 45,000 spectators

Hertha’s finance director, Ingo Schiller, unveiled the first plans for the Berlin House of Representatives sports committee on Friday. According to the project, the new stadium with a capacity of 45 thousand. places, of which 17 thousand. standing and 500 in boxes, could be built on the so-called in the Lindeneck area at Friedrich-Friesen-Allee. 36,500 fans could go to the stadium for international matches.

According to Schiller, who will soon be leaving, the costs would be 250 million euros. It is to be repaid with “low equity”, a higher loan and the rest as a mortgage. Funding is possible, said Schiller, even if Hertha were relegated from the league and played in the second division for several years. Refinancing has come “solely through soccer games,” said Schiller. He promised that the proceeds from additional events at the new stadium would be used by the Berlin state to “refinance lower income”, especially at the Olympic Stadium. Spranger has already announced that it intends to enter into appropriate agreements with Hertha BSC.

Archival photo: La Bombonera Stadium in Buenos Aires.  (Source: imago images / S. Danielsson)“La Bombonera” (“candy box”) stadium in Buenos Aires

“Bombonera” prototype

Contrary to previous projects, the basic shape would no longer be oval: the new stadium would have a “flat” side, modeled after the famous “La Bombonera” stadium (“candy box”) in Buenos Aires, the stadium of the Argentine club Boca Juniors, the Heart Diego Maradona association who died in 2020. “It is in the middle of a residential area and has been structurally adapted,” said Schiller.

The Berlin equivalent is mainly due to the lack of space and noise protection regulations on the premises. The south side of the project is now radically new: to be flatter and to feature a giant video wall facing Maifeld. Neighboring Maifeld is expected to be more open to the public under the name “Myfield”, for example with public viewing. Additionally, 500 underground parking spaces are planned. The club commissioned the planning office Albert Speer and Partners to further planning.

In keeping with the tradition so far at the Olympic Stadium, the eastern curve of the new stadium would still be the area for Hertha fans.

The state restorer sees points that may prevent construction

“I am convinced Hertha should get the soccer stadium,” said Senator Spranger, who announced that she wanted to take over the procedure. At the beginning of the four-hour meeting on Friday, the SPD politician announced that she would convene a steering and project group that she would lead. It is to be created in Parliament after the summer break.

Much requires further discussion, verification and clarification. Is it the subject of large events with a high level of noise, which would increase from year to year in the Olympic Park, the protest of the equestrian club or the protection of monuments. “Lindeneck” is not “the remaining area”, stressed Christoph Rauhut, director of the State Monuments Office. He did not find out about the current plans until shortly before the committee meeting, and further tests were necessary. The state superintendent also saw points that could still prevent construction. “It is certainly not a cautious further development of this place, from the perspective of the monument,” says Rauhut.

Hertha wants to create synergies

Especially in view of the then unclear future of the Olympic Stadium, the Bundesliga club proposes to manage the new stadium jointly with the Olympic Stadium and Waldbühne in order to create synergies and save costs. According to Schiller, as a result, the losses to the Berlin state could be halved.

However, doubts arose in the sports commission as to whether this calculation would be true. Timo Rohwedder, head of Olympiastadion GmbH, mainly referred to the noise protection regulations: they only allow 23 events with exceptional noise pollution per year. This would have to share the Olympic Stadium with the new Hertha and Waldbühne Stadium. “In this respect, we do not see the possibility of organizing any important events.” Schiller replied that Hertha usually plays in the afternoon. “Afternoon for the game and evening for the concert are easily possible.”

However, according to Rohwedder, the problem is more complex: since the Bundesliga sets its schedules very late and concerts and other events are sometimes planned years in advance, conflicts between the two venues cannot be avoided in the future.

Broadcast: evening program rbb24, June 10, 2022, 19:30

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