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As of: 10/06/2022 15:59

Driver seriously injured in an accident on the B207 near Dassendorf

According to the police, the man was driving his small car towards Schwarzenbek (Duchy-Lauenburg County) on Friday afternoon when, for as yet unknown reasons, he ran his car into an oncoming car. The car collided head-on with a truck. The driver had to be transported to the hospital by an emergency helicopter. The B207 was completely blocked for almost three hours. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 10/6/2022 20:00

Autoposer: Interior senator in Lübeck wants more control

Lübeck’s interior senator Ludger Hinsen (CDU) has criticized the car pose scene in the Hanseatic city. Even after a fatal accident two weeks ago, the madness continues on the Fackenburger Allee. According to Hinsen, the controls are to be intensified. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 10/06/2022 16:30

Ulrike Edschmid receives the Günter Grass award

Prize them. Günter Grass, which covers € 10,000, will be awarded for the first time in Lübeck on Friday evening. In the future, the author will be awarded for lifetime achievement every two years. In 2022, it will be Berlin writer Ulrike Edschmid. According to the jury, her books have a captivating intensity that brings her eyewitnesses to life through a personal approach. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 10/06/2022 16:30

Eutin Mayor Election: Greens elect the candidates

After the recently elected mayor Christoph Gehl (SPD) in Eutin had to resign as he used party funds for private purposes, new elections now have to be held. From Friday, it was clear: NDR journalist Sven Radestock will be in favor of the Greens. He is now running for election along with the non-partisan restaurateur candidate Christoph Müller, who is making a second attempt to take office in Eutin. The CDU is still discussing a possible candidate. The mayoral election is scheduled to be held in Eutin in October. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 10/06/2022 16:30

The Hanseatic Culture Festival at Domviertel begins in Lübeck

In Lübeck, the Hanseatic Culture Festival starts on Friday at the Domviertel, with around 300 individual events, music and activities on the water and on land. There are stages and concerts on Domwiese, Katholisches Karree and Obertrave from Friday 17:00 to Sunday 18:00. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 10/06/2022 16:30

Burning rape silos on the island of Fehmarn: missions completed

The operations after the fire of the oilseed rape silos in the Burgstaaken port on the island of Fehmarn (Ostholstein district) are completed. According to the chief of operations, employees of a special company arrived early in the morning and put out the flames of the so-called fumigation. In this way, fires and embers could be quickly contained. Currently, the silos are gradually emptied under the supervision of a specialized company. On Thursday, up to 140 firefighters were temporarily on duty due to fires. According to the operations manager, the rape likely flared up on its own. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/10/2022 08:30

Farmers disappointed with the asparagus season?

Regional asparagus growers are sobered up two weeks before the end of the season. According to the Chamber of Agriculture, the demand for local vegetables is lower than in previous years, and sales are not as expected. The Chamber of Agriculture suspects that with inflation, customers pay more attention to their money and do not want to spend so much on asparagus anymore. So cheap offers in supermarkets and discounters would be used more than usual. Here you can find large-produced foreign or German asparagus for less than three euros a pound. Relatively small direct sellers in Schleswig-Holstein could not produce at these prices, emphasizes Lauenburg asparagus grower Andreas Löding of the asparagus working group. As less was bought, a few farmers chose not to harvest in some areas. The Agricultural Chamber expects a drop in sales by as much as 30 percent. compared to the previous year. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/10/2022 08:30

50 new electric buses for Lübeck

The city of Lübeck will receive 50 new electric buses by the middle of next year, city transport has announced. The buses are financed by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection. This means that around a quarter of the city bus fleet passes the Hanseatic city in a climate-neutral manner. From 2023, around 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year would be saved compared to 2019 emissions, explains Andreas Ortz, Managing Director of Lübecker Stadtverkehr. | Date of issue of NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/10/2022 08:30

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