Police reports for Münster, 10/06/2022: 25 pedelecs and 19 bicycle batteries have been stolen since the end of May – police give tips against theft

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Since the end of May, 25 pedelecs and 19 bicycle batteries have been stolen – the police are giving advice against theft

Muenster (ots) –

In the last two weeks, residents of Münster have reported 25 pedelec thefts and 19 battery thefts to the Münster police.

Not only this theft high-quality bicycles, but also batteries are attractive to the perpetrators. The new value of the bicycle battery could be over 700 euros. Particularly annoying: Purchasing a replacement is particularly difficult these days due to the existing supply bottlenecks.

In the last few days (June 8 and 9), police officers from Bremer Platz confiscated two allegedly stolen bicycles: an electric bicycle and a mountain bike. The pedelec owner also alerted police early Wednesday morning when the location of her bike revealed that her bike was being moved. During a subsequent Heekweg inspection, she found a VW Sharan that contained both her bike and a stolen mountain bike. There was no trace of the drivers. Deployed policemen have secured the vehicle, and an investigation is ongoing.

In addition to 25 pedelecs, 108 other bicycle thefts were reported in the last two weeks. Perpetrators have different approaches and motivations: Some thieves steal a bike to resell it. Others “only” need a set of wheels on their way home. But organized gangs are also on the move when it comes to stealing bicycles. They usually collect high-quality bikes in small vans, which they take to other cities or abroad for sale. Battery thieves pry or tear the loot from the frame holder so quickly that the theft is barely noticeable even in daylight.

Anyone Can Help Prevent Theft! As a rule, pedelec batteries and on-board computers should be taken with you. Bicycles should always be locked, and even better, tied to permanently installed objects. If it is possible to lock the bike in the garage or basement, use this option.

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Original content from: Police Münster, provided by news aktell
This report was sent out by the Münster Police Department on June 10, 2022 at 6:14 am.

Criminal statistics on home burglaries in the district of Münster

According to the police criminal statistics (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), in the Münster district in 2020 in fact 278 crimes recorded in connection with home burglary, while 48.9% of cases are attempted crime. this clearance rate was included in 2020 19.1%. Among 55 suspects there were 3 women and 52 men. 36.4% of people are suspects of non-German origin.

age number of suspects
under 21 years of age 16
21 to 25 7
25 to 30 7
30 to 40 10
40 to 50 9
50 to 60 3
over 60 3

For 2019, the BKA police criminal statistics reported 323 cases of burglaries in the Münster district, the explanation rate here was 18%.

Crime statistics on computer crimes in the district of Münster

In Münster County, the Police Crime Statistics (PKS) of the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) recorded in 2020. 388 computer crime. In 17.5% of cases it was an attempted crime. this clearance rate fraud 21.1%. Among all 84 suspects 54 men and 30 women were found. 22.6% of the suspects were not of German origin.

age number of suspects
under 21 years of age eighth
21 to 25 9
25 to 30 eighth
30 to 40 22
40 to 50 twenty
50 to 60 12
over 60 5

Per year 2019 are the BKA’s police crime statistics 320 computer crime cases recorded known in the district of Münster clearance rate was attached here 22.2%.

Computer crime includes fraudulent use of illegally obtained debit card with PIN code, computer fraud, fraud with authorization of access to communication services, falsification of evidence data, fraud in legal transactions during data processing, data modification, computer sabotage, espionage, data interception, including preparatory activities, computer piracy (for private use, e.g. computer games) and computer piracy in the form of commercial activities.

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