Sweet Home: a cool interior exhibition – welcome to the furnishings of the palace

Welcome to the furnished palace

All photos: WOW! House

1 – Living room

Creative room decorated by Kit and Minnie Kemp from Kit Kemp Design Studio.

“We wanted our space to resemble a living, breathing workshop – a jewelry box filled to the brim with unique ideas.”

Kit and Minnie Kemp

2 – Bedroom overlooking the courtyard

Brandon Schubert designed the Court Yard Bedroom with Morris & Co fabrics and wallpapers.

“I hope this bedroom inspires visitors to use patterns and colors more often to create more visual drama in their own home.”

Brandon Schubert

3 – Living room

Sensual and luxurious: Linda Boronkay's lounge with Pierre Frey fabrics and wallpapers.

“For me, interior design means creating fantasy, a safe haven, an unforgettable experience.”

Linda Boronkay

4 – Garden room

Glamorous and surprising: Campbell-Rey's

“A passion for historical architecture and traditional decorative techniques, as well as the ability to create surprising dialogues between styles, times and objects, our work is characterized by a playful spirit and a desire to create magic.”

Charlotte Rey and Duncan Campbell

5 – Morning room

A fresh, relaxed salon created by Rita Konig with GP & J. Baker fabrics

“It’s the little details like the Smarties bowl on the footstool that combine the decorative motif and make the spaces real.”

Rita Konig

6 – Library

Turner Pocock's Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock created a library with furniture designed by Julian Chichester.

“We see our role as supporters of the client’s dream lifestyle. Our goal is simple: we help our clients to live better in their homes. »

Bunny Turner and Emma Pocock

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