Two former Kaiser employees open a concept store in Rathausgasse – Freiburg

Thanks to the “FilotimoConcept Store”, a new fashion store is opening in the passage of Czarny Klasztor. Both owners are former Kaiser employees and want to focus on Greek fashion and interpersonal relationships in their own store.

There are still boxes in the corners, finishing touches in the interior are lacking, but this can be seen from the full clothes hangers, the beauty corner and the already prevailing atmosphere of a fashion boutique: Friday night is at the Filotimo Concept Store in the Black Monastery arcade in Freiburg Before the fashion store opens, open to all on Monday, a pre-opening event will be held in the city center.

40-year-old Lisa Hartmann will drive Filotimo together with her partner Robin Schäfer (30). She is a former employee of the traditional Kaiser company and worked for six years for the company that will close its fashion houses on June 30. Robin was trained at Kaiser but recently worked for Waschbär.

They are both often on vacation in Crete, Lisa, who has a Greek father, is also often in Greece. “I have always admired the type of fashion, the type of product, the type of passion and thought – something like that is missing in Germany,” he says. When the Kaiser announced the closure, she thought, “Now I’m going to open my own business.”

The location in the passage at the Black Monastery was not the first place they both aimed at, but the property at Konviktstraße did not materialize. 120 sq m is available on two floors. of commercial space, and on the first floor there is a 20-meter terrace – “for coffee” – says Lisa. Robin says: “It’s important to me that the city of Friborg continues to be interesting for shopping.” Lisa agrees and adds: “I really have the feeling that here in Rathausgasse, she is slowly dying.” Almost every second store is now empty, “either you are lucky and wear glasses,” says Lisa with a laugh and reference to the many glasses stores in Freiburg.

“Love for goods, interpersonal relations – close contact with the customer was important at Kaiser” Lisa Hartman

“We want to bring attention to the details,” says Lisa. “Love for goods, for human relationships – close contact with the customer was important at Kaiser,” says a former Kaiser employee. Customers often drop by for a chat during the lunch break. That is why he says: “Such an outlet is more than a store, it is more of a point of contact. We want to continue this. ” Our focus is not on getting rid of something, but on seeing the whole person and disguising them as they like – not hiding them, says Robin.

They both don’t want to highlight their target audience. “The target groups have dropped out,” says Lisa. “We want to reach everyone who likes fashion, is interested in fashion and cares about sustainable development,” adds Robin. The goods are produced entirely in Greek stores – a special value compared to the big brands in the fashion industry is also the fact that most of the fabrics are purchased in Italy.

Fabrics from Italy, production in Greece

The origin of the products is important to both of them, they would ask producers about the supply chains in their product range – but they also know that from a certain point they have to trust the producer’s information. Nevertheless, Robin says: “I have the impression that organic cotton is often washed green. There really can’t be as much organic cotton as there is on the market.

With Filotimo, Lisa and Robin want to fill the gap: Greek fashion and Greek brands cannot be found in Germany. “A lot of people think of Greek fashion as linen shirts,” says Lisa, “though it’s more varied. Robin adds that neither of them would make sense to open a boutique with big brands, after all, you can still shop in the big department stores in downtown Freiburg.

“Coffee, you will never forget that combination.” Lisa Hartman

And the name of the company? There is no exact translation of the Greek term, but Lisa believes that the term “friend of honor” is the most accurate way to understand the meaning of the word. “You are drinking coffee with someone,” she says, “and you fight that person. But you never forget the coffee, that bond. ” From Monday, customers can decide for themselves what form of connection they want to establish with Filotimo.

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