Corona in the district of Forchheim: The incident sets in again – Forchheim, Dormitz, Ebermannstadt, Effeltrich, Eggolsheim, Egloffstein, Forchheim, Gräfenberg, Gößweinstein, Hallerndorf, Hausen, Heiligenstadt, Hetzles, Heroldsbach, Hiltpoltstein, Igensbach, Orubudchen amdach Branddorf, Langudrchen amdach Brandbach , Poxdorf, Pinzberg, Pretzfeld, Unterleinleiter, Weilersbach, Weißenohe, Wiesenthau, Wiesenttal

– Incidents, incidents in the Forchheim district municipalities, vaccination numbers or the current crown regulations: All important information is available here.

Basic information at a glance:

– According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the 7-day incidence in Forchheim is on June 10 375.6 (previously: 313.0; 245.3; 196.4; 235.8 283.0; 267.6 238.4; 219.6; 192.1; 163.8).

Find out what coronation measures are currently in place in the county here.

– On June 9, the district office came forward 505 Neighborhood residents now proven to be infected with the corona.

– It is / has been so far 43 802 proven infections in the district of Forchheim.

– As of May 30, the frequency of the age groups (Source: in the district of Forchheim at:

  • children 0 to 4 years of age at the age of 106.0
  • 5 to 14 years 186.4
  • 15-34 aged 234,1
  • 35-59 at the age of 177.3
  • 60-79 years old at the age of 111.4
  • 80 yrs and older aged 52.3

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– The poviat starosty will no longer publish the list of the infected with the division into communes – he says NN– Inquiry on April 19. One of the reasons is the relaxation of the corona virus.

Vaccination bus dates and timetables can be found here.

Deaths among infected people in the Forchheim district

– On March 23, 2021, the district office informed about the hundredth death among people infected with the crown in the poviat. The number grew slowly until November 3, when the number of neighborhood residents who died in Covid-19 increased significantly again. As of December 30, there were 144.

– On January 21, 146 deaths were reported, the number is increasing by February 26 156. As of March 30, there were a total of 173 deaths, with the higher number dying on April 6, 7 and 11 (176). As of April 12, there were 179, 23, 182, 27, 183, 28, 184, and April 29 185 deaths. According to the County Office, the number of deaths increased to 187 on May 2, and on May 15 to 191. It was on May 20. 192.

All current index values ​​in Bavaria can be found here

Intensive care patients and free beds

– Of the 14 available intensive care beds at the clinic in Forchheim, 13 are occupied. 1 of them with a patient with a crown requiring invasive ventilation (as of May 30).

The situation in schools and nurseries

– From February 9, 2022, the poviat starosty says: “Due to the exceptionally large number of cases, the ministry has fundamentally adapted the approach in schools and nurseries to the current situation. A new type of investigation by the facilities themselves makes health authorities more sensible and significantly reduces the burden. However, as a result, detailed individual case numbers are no longer available to the health department on a daily basis.

– Voluntary submission by individual institutions would not only take a lot of resources, but would also give a very incomplete picture of the situation in the poviat. It would also make no sense. “For this reason, we ask for your understanding that school and kindergarten numbers are no longer provided,” said the district office.

Vaccination numbers and information about the vaccination point

Status as of March 21, 2022:

– Total number of vaccinations at the vaccination center for the Forchheim district: 112 685, of this 45 277 initial vaccinations, 43 797 second and 23 611 booster vaccinations. (last state 2/28/22: 45 166 first, 43 679 second and 23 009 booster)

– Total number of vaccinations in GP practices: 121 502, of this 35 929 First-, 40 048 second and 45 525 booster vaccinations (last state 2/28/22: 35,863 first, 39,834 second and 43,544 booster).

– At the moment, it is not possible to determine the exact vaccination rate for the district as vaccinations of in-house doctors are not registered by the vaccination center.

Read how vaccination works here. Click here to go to the immunization center website. There you will find a telephone helpline and an e-mail address for making appointments.

From December 19, 2021, vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11 are also carried out at the vaccination center. You can read here how these vaccinations are carried out until the end of the year. And this is what it looks like in the childhood vaccination street.

80 beds with mobile ventilation

– Forchheim clinic was in the first wave for the district twelve intensive care beds with fans for sick patients with severe course of the disease. In the clinic, two isolation wards were available.

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