Karat concert: Karat remains true to itself even in its 47th year as a band – fans in the Eberswalde family garden are enthusiastic

Punctually at 8 p.m. as befits eastern rockers, Karat began its Friday night live concert on the large outdoor stage in the family garden of Eberswalde with spherical rock sounds and poetic lyrics about the seven wonders of the world. The fans had to wait two years for the jubilee concert on the occasion of the band’s 45th birthday. Some people probably became suspicious of the postponements and uncertainties caused by the crown as a few of the chairs were left vacant. Also those of Petra and Michael Lienig. Two people from Eberswalde did not get the full ticket price back last time and this time only bought it at the box office.

The hair is still long

“But at a concert like this I don’t sit in the middle of the rows, it doesn’t keep me sitting,” says the youthful-looking 57-year-old, dancing rhythmically, “I love every hour.” Her husband also likes rock music: “At the last concert in 2019, it rained ! Tonight it’s just great here! ” Singer Claudius Dreilich recalls: “Remember when it rained three years ago?” The fans confirmed it loudly: “And was there no roof for the stands for spectators back then?” They were actually demolished due to building regulations and of course no one missed them on Friday night.

About 600 fans

There may have been around 600 guests who took Karat on a musical journey through the band’s 47 years of history. 17 years ago, Claudius Dreilich took over the legacy of his father and band founder Herbert Dreilich, who died in 2004. It grew very quiet as he remembered the band’s biggest blow to fate, and that it was the wish of the rest of the band and his father to take over the singing part: “I was so tired.” He was always there. Right from the start: “A kindergarten for large groups, with five years”.

There is less and less on the seats

Karat has always remained true to itself over the past five decades. Then the hair was already long, today it is, except for the singer’s hair, still. And also the titles. Albatross, the anthem of freedom overseas that knows no borders and has no chance on commercial radio, for which anything over three twenty minutes seems suspicious. But when Bernd Römer grabs the strings to his bizarre guitar riffs, as the heart-rending harmonica solo snakes into your ears, the first older fans get up between the rows of chairs and sway to the beat.

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The average age of the concert audience that evening suggests that most of them may have encountered the young Karat band with Henning Protzmann, Ed Swillms and Herbert Dreilich at the House of Young Talents during this time, and have accompanied them faithfully ever since. Sometimes you can also see a mother and daughter with their husbands enjoying a concert in intimate harmony. The more legendary titles you hear, the fewer people stay in their places. In The King of the Swans, they not only wave lighters, but also flashlights from their mobile phones to match the title, the moon shines: “I touched the moon with my hand!”

It was a concert in Oderland Mühlenwerke in Müllrose

A journey through 47 years of band history

It will be an eventful musical journey through the history of the band. The creativity is rich, you can draw from the fullness: “The Tempest”, “Nobody Brings Me to My Knees”, “Ice Flowers”, “The Ship of Fools”, there are many oppressively topical. The later in the evening, the more rousing the music becomes. An unbeatable attraction: “The Blue Planet”. There is no need to hold back, fans gather in front of the stage bathed in blue light. Gooseflesh. Nobody says that. They all think in the same direction. Everyone sings earnestly, “Will only a curse and a scream pass through the darkness at two-thirty in the morning?”

And when everyone wears out a little, he becomes contemplative and understanding again, and Claudius Dreilich talks about the desire for the song, which of course has always been a must at every Karat concert, and that the viewer once exclaimed after that announcement, “Old as a tree ?!” – triggering laughter. Of course, there was also a choral singing of the well-known German folk song “You have to cross seven bridges”. Claudius Dreilich went as far as the audience and did not forget to mention the authorship once again. And there was a little encore round from “Further Go” and “King of the World”. A big round of applause at the end and the conclusion of Petra and Michael Lienig: “It was absolutely worth it! It was a beautiful evening and we enjoyed Karat very much. They are just so natural and handsome! “


Karat: Claudius Dreilich vocals), Bernd Römer (guitar), Christian Liebig (bass), Michael Schwandt (drums), Martin Becker (keyboard)

Other performances: June 17 Parkbühne Leipzig, June 18 Sportplatz 39435 Borne, June 24 Water Castle Klaffenbach near Chemnitz

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