Rammstein in Stuttgart: All information about the concert weekend at Cannstatter Wasen

The huge stage at Cannstatter Wasen is ready for a big concert this weekend as thousands of fans make pilgrimage to Stuttgart for the iconic band Rammstein. All information at a glance:

Last weekend, the Rammstein team around frontman Till Lindemann (59) sparked a sea of ​​flames over the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. Now the huge steel scene has moved to Cannstatter Wasen. On Friday (June 10) and Saturday (June 11), Berliners will play for thousands of fans in Stuttgart as part of the Europe Stadium Tour 2022 – and in the capital of Baden-Württemberg there will be time again: “No fire!”

tape Rammstein
assumption 1994 (Berlin)
genre NDH (New German Hardness)
Singer to Lindemann
guitar Richard Kruspe
guitar Paul Landers
bass Oliver Riedel
drums Christopher Schneider
Keyboards Christian Flake Lorenz

Rammstein in Cannstatter Wasen: when do the concerts in Stuttgart start?

It took as many as 80 trucks to transport the enormous Rammstein leg from Berlin to Baden-Württemberg in the southwest. The previous concerts of the tour in Prague, Leipzig or Zurich have already shown that six musicians have a spectacular light show, columns of fire and all kinds of pyrotechnics in their luggage – in line with the motto “More beautiful, bigger, more difficult” with the new song “Zick Zack”. In total, 100,000 fans are expected at both Rammstein concerts in Stuttgart, and of course there will also be a great fire show.

Two Rammstein concerts at the sold-out Cannstatter Wasen are scheduled for 20:00, the supporting band Duo Jatekok will play around 18:30, admission at 15:30. According to reports in the Stuttgarter Zeitung, the show will last 2 hours and 15 minutes – and in the event of delays, it should end at 22:30 at the latest. From then on, according to the report, the “Zapfenstreich” of the city of Stuttgart will apply, for the sake of its inhabitants.

Anyone wishing to reach Wasen early can visit the new beer garden from 12:00, which opens on the premises for the first time on the Rammstein weekend. In the future, it will also be open to other concerts at the Stuttgart headquarters.

Rammstein concerts in Stuttgart: old tickets are invalid – exchange necessary online

The Rammstein stadium tour was supposed to start two years ago. Now, after the mandatory Corona break, Stuttgart’s Mercedes-Benz Arena is being rebuilt for the European Football Championship with concerts now taking place in a new venue. However, tickets already purchased for the arena for the Rammstein concerts at Cannstatter Wasen are no longer valid.

The reason is that there are different seat plans with different seat numbers, as reported by the Stuttgarter Zeitung. Fans who bought a ticket to Rammstein concerts at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in front of Corona still have to exchange them online – also for the highly sought-after Rammstein fire zone. Fans whose names have been changed on their personalized tickets must also rebook online. Eventim wants to have so-called “problem solving teams” on site to help with emergency ticket problems.

Rammstein on June 4 at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin

© Jens Koch / dpa

Rammstein in Stuttgart: this is the best way to get to the concerts

Note: There are NO parking spaces at the festival site. However, all tickets for the Rammstein concerts in Stuttgart can be used for journeys in the Stuttgart Transport and Tariff Association (VVS). However, fans should bear in mind when traveling there that around 50,000 people will also come to Wasen for the concert – and schedule travel times accordingly.

The local organizer, Musiccircus, also announced on its website that glass bottles, cans, hard packaging “or other items that could be used as projectiles” such as deodorants and perfumes are prohibited on the site.

Setlist Rammstein: From “Zeit” to “Engel” – the band will play these songs at concerts in 2022

At his previous concerts, Rammstein played a total of 21 songs during his 2-hour-long performances. With “Armee der Tristen” the band chose the perfect song to open the new album “Zeit”. The complete set list at a glance:

  • 1st Army of the Grim
  • 2. Zig Zag
  • 3. Left 2-3-4
  • 4. Longing
  • 5. Show yourself
  • 6. My heart is on fire
  • 7. A doll
  • 8. Marry me
  • 9th time
  • Germany (Richard Z. Kruspe remix)
  • 10. Germany
  • 11.Radio
  • 12. My part
  • 13. Here you have
  • 14. The sun
  • Bis 1:
  • 15. Anioł (piano version with Duo Jatekok)
  • 16. Alien
  • 17. You smell so good
  • 18 pussy
  • Bis 2:
  • 19. Rammstein
  • 20. I want to
  • 21. Farewell

Fans can expect new Rammstein songs such as “Zick Zack” or the title track from the new album “Zeit” at concerts in Stuttgart. Of course, classics such as “Du Hast”, “Sonne” or “Engel” should not be missing. Rammstein will continue his European and American tours in Hamburg on June 14th and 15th after performing in Stuttgart. The band plays a total of 42 concerts in Europe and North America – 10 of them in Germany. (taxi)

Heading list: © Jens Koch / dpa

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