Summer travel prices: where holidays are most expensive

Status: 11/06/2022 14:49

Summer vacations are again almost endless – as before Corona. In some cases, prices have increased significantly. But there are still inexpensive tours – if vacationers pay attention to a few things.

If you are currently looking for a flight to one of the popular destinations in southern Europe during the summer months, you might be in a shock. The price comparison portal Idealo does for it ARD Plusminus business magazine we researched prices for over 70 different destinations. Particularly drastic: the summer flight to Alicante in May cost a good 71 percent more than three years ago, to Majorca it was 61 percent more expensive, Faro in the Portuguese Algarve: plus 41 percent.

The association of the German aviation industry justifies the price increases with the increased prices of kerosene. ARD aviation expert Michael Immel believes this is only partially likely. The share of fuel in the cost of the flight in airlines is from 30 to 40 percent. Lufthansa, the parent company of Eurowings and Eurowings Discover, explains to investors in the publication that the group was able to provide low kerosene prices in the long term through so-called “Hedging” and thus mitigate about half of the price increase. In fact, according to Michael Immel, the airlines have suffered losses in recent years and are now trying to cash in on rising demand.

Competition matters

Another tip: according to Idealo, these are primarily “hot water destinations”, which are in high demand these days, where flight prices are skyrocketing. At the same time, there are also connections that, despite higher kerosene prices, have become cheaper: directions for classic city trips or long-distance routes, such as the Dominican Republic or the USA. Those who want to fly to Mexico City in the summer paid 27 percent in May. less than three years ago.

According to aviation expert Immel, something like this shows that competition plays an important role. “Classic hot water venues such as Majorca have been offered by Air Berlin and, more recently, by Ryanair. Air Berlin does not exist anymore, Ryanair is no longer flying from Frankfurt, prices are going up. “

Flights – How expensive holidays will be in 2022

plus minus, 6/8/2022

Special features of package tours

Prices for package travel are much more difficult to compare than airline tickets alone. The offer is also too diverse in terms of food and room categories. The Holidaycheck travel portal has for More or less assessed his extensive data – as a result, prices also rose significantly. But when it comes to goals, a completely different picture emerges.

Everyone who has booked a holiday in Gran Canaria since the beginning of the year has paid 24%. more for a comparable service than three years ago. For Egyptian Safaga or Hurghada and Greek Kos, 19 percent more was needed, and for Tenerife at least 18 percent. Trips to Majorca, where airline ticket prices alone increased significantly, were not much more expensive and their price increased by only five percent.

It is worth going to a travel agency

According to Holidaycheck, the impact of flight prices is completely different here. As the number of flights to Majorca reached pre-crisis levels much faster than to other destinations. In addition, for example, in the Canary Islands, there are many airports with a lower catchment area and correspondingly fewer flights. Package tour operators were able to provide low-cost flights to massively flown destinations like Majorca and are now able to pass this price advantage to customers. In places where there is high demand and these “quotas” have already been exhausted, the prices of package tours are also rising. Where cheap flights are still available, customers can also find cheap package deals.

Even with regular flight bookings, tour operator quotas can help individual travelers get cheaper tickets. When visiting a travel agent: Because they can also sell conditional flights from the tour operator individually – no hotel. Such flights cannot be offered on the Internet. Travel agencies can also sell them individually. For travel destinations where the demand for package tours has not fully met the tour operator’s expectations, this can be significantly cheaper than buying a flight – also online – from the appropriate airline.

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