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With the end of many crown requirements, tourism in Germany is gaining momentum again. In April, hotels, guesthouses and other accommodations booked 35.7 million overnight stays to domestic and foreign guests, the Federal Statistical Office reported on Friday. This is over four times more than the year before (plus 319.6%).

At that time, due to the pandemic of the crown, there was a ban on accommodation for private guests, so the Easter business practically collapsed.

This year it is possible again: Easter ski holidays in Bavaria

The gap by the pre-crisis April 2019 narrowed to 11.4%. In March, the difference compared to March 2019 was still 23.7%.

The number of nights spent by guests from Germany increased by 304.8 percent in April. to 30.8 million compared to the same month last year. Compared to April 2019, the minus was only 6.6%.

Again, many more foreign travelers

In the meantime, business with foreign travelers is also booming, which is particularly beneficial for urban tourism. The number of nights spent by guests from other countries increased by 445.8% in April. up to 4.9 million However, it is still 33.2 percent. less than before the corona crisis.

Germany Camping Resort Zugspitze

Camping holidays are booming: a parking space for mobile homes in front of the Zugspitze

The trend towards camping holidays which are considered low contact has continued. The number of overnight stays exceeded the pre-crisis level by 0.9 percent. The situation of hotels, inns and guesthouses is even more difficult, with minus 14.3 percent. compared to April 2019. Accommodation establishments with at least ten bed places or ten parking places in campsites are recorded.

Overall, the chances of pre-crisis levels being surpassed soon are not bad. According to a survey conducted by the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), 43.0% of properties recorded better sales in May than three years earlier. The industry is now counting on the summer months, which companies are mostly waiting for. In June, 48 percent. reports good or very good booking situation, 31.9 percent evaluates it as satisfactory.

“The development of the industry is not uniform,” said Dehoga CEO Guido Zöllick. Strong demand was recorded by companies in holiday resorts and cities attractive for tourists. “In contrast, business in companies that live off business trips, corporate events and congresses is only slowly picking up,” said Zöllick.

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