56. Heimatfest in Elfringhausen: Woven ribbon from a mountainous country

After a two-year break in Corona, Elfringhausen Heimatfest will be held again on June 24-26, organized by the Civic, Heritage and Tourism Association of Elfringhausen and the Surroundings. For the 56th time, the Elfringhauser meet at Felderbachstraße 59 for music, delicacies and conversation. Residents from outside the Elfringhaus are also welcome. VI Pasta Blues, and above all the Ribbon Weaving Museum, also attract visitors from the outside.

It all starts on Friday, June 24 at 3:30 pm with the seniors’ party at Bergische Kaffeetafel. At 7.00 p.m. something for your ears: Bluescats with Tommie Harris will provide a good atmosphere at the 6th Pasta Blues, and the pasta variations of the Elfringhauser owners will provide culinary delights. The festival will start at 18:00 on Saturday 25 June. The official opening will take place at 20:00, followed by music and dance. Late in the evening, a great lottery begins with attractive prizes. The main prizes are a weekend trip, a helicopter trip and high-quality garden tools. Sunday 26 June is a colorful family program. The solemn day begins at 11 am with an ecumenical service, at 1 pm the MGV Hasslinghausen 1895 shanty choir invites you to sing and sway to the songs of Waterkant. Lilly’s Puppenbühne shows two shows at 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM. After the Kasperle-Theater at 4.30 pm, Jagdhornbläser Isenburg and Essen-Überruhr will perform. At 5:00 PM, the Lutballons set off for the hopefully blue skies of Elfringhauser. By the way: the city of Hattingen approved the balloons only because they are made of biodegradable natural rubber and the cords are made of cotton.

Highlight ribbon weaving museum

The Ribbon Weaving Museum is also exceptionally open this Sunday, which normally opens its doors to visitors on the second and fourth Saturday of the month from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The history of Elfringhauser ribbon weavers is still alive here today. It was opened on May 11, 1996 by the Civic, Homeland and Tourist Association of Elfringhausen and the surrounding area. In and around Hattingen, linen, cotton, silk, the most valuable fabrics, were woven. Elfringhauser ribbon weavers with narrow fabrics of all kinds, for example ribbons, were also involved. Initially, the looms were powered by steam and water, then by gasoline engines. Internal weavers received orders from textile factories in Wuppertal and Langenberg. The finished goods were transported there in a delivery bag (Püngel), as many ribbon weavers fulfilled their company orders from home. After World War II, interior weaving flourished again as the factories in Wuppertal were destroyed. In 1961, there were 29 more weavers with 63 weaving chairs in Elfringhausen. Since 1970, weaving with the needle technique has increased the efficiency of the machine many times, and the producers took over the production themselves, and the factory weavers did not receive yarns anymore and had to give up production. Some old machines, fully functional, have been preserved and can now be viewed and displayed in the museum. By the way, you can also get multicolored parcel ribbons for your donation here. We are always looking for collaborators who are interested in machines or who would like to support the activities of the museum. The hard core meets once a week at the museum. “We are usually here on Wednesdays from 4pm. But this is not a discussion club, we are working for a club in the network or we are fixing something or planning something new. In addition to our regular opening hours, we also open by appointment on 02052/6815 (special tours for seven or more people), ”explains Friedhelm Pöthmann. It is a “citizen field,” so it belongs to the Elfringhauser core. So does the family of Peter Krieger, who took over the management of the civic association last year. “I want to help preserve our traditions. Tourism has grown significantly in recent years. It is a blessing for our gastronomy, but not always for our beautiful nature. Some guests treat it very disrespectfully, leave the hiking trails or leave their rubbish behind. I would like to see a significant improvement here. Local public transport also needs improvement. Nothing moves here. ” The people of Elfringhausen can only smile wearily for the 9 euro ticket. They rely on self-help and bought a used minibus with a ramp last year with money from sponsors. On request, Elfringhauser carries seniors to meetings. For children and adolescents, the only option is often the ‘parents’ taxi’.

Peter Krieger, Managing Director of the Citizens' Local Historical and Tourism Association of Elfringhausen and Friedhelm Pöthmann at the Ribbon Weaving Museum.  Photo: Pielorz

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