At the age of 81, the Dürr couple had come to an end

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FROM: Gert Bechert


Leaving their kiosk at the Rudi Völler sports facility: Ursula and Dieter Dürr have also been responsible for the sale and sale of tickets for TSV’s home games for many years. T-shirts were also always washed at Dürr. © Scheiber

At the end of the season, two volunteers say goodbye to the TSV 1860 Hanau players as they are in the book. Ursula and Dieter Dürr, who have dealt with everything related to home matches for years, are retiring.

Hanau – The kiosk on the football pitch of the Rudi Völler sports facility is her second home. Dieter and Ursula Dürr have been famous faces behind the counter for 15 years. Currently, this era ends with TSV 1860 Hanau. “The knees are no longer involved,” explains the 81-year-old Hanau resident. It is not much different with her husband Dieter, who will turn 81 in the fall.

As head of the department, for many years he headed the football department of a traditional club. His wife Urszula also deals with the sale of tickets and the finances of the department. With so much volunteering, vacation is a foreign word. “I retired severely disabled at the age of 60 and was still on vacation every day,” says Dieter Dürr, who does not miss any tours. Working with the young people every day was fun and kept them in good shape.

Since 2007, with a few breaks, the Dürr have been taking care of the kiosk that was previously leased from the club. Of course, that also applies to your purchases. They were there at every senior home game, but also at youth matches. “Now it is no longer possible with the best will in the world, destructive time is tormenting both of us,” they say unanimously.

But the field of volunteering goes much further. “Monday is the Dürrs laundry day,” laughs Ursula. The first team jerseys are then carefully prepared again. There used to be a second-team jersey added, but this season the club has withdrawn their B-team.

The sporting decline of the traditional club is reflected not only in the other team. After the end of the first half of the season, the first team seemed to fight relegation to the B-league without resistance, but has rallied again and tomorrow’s game at Eintracht Oberissigheim II (13:00) is in their own hands to at least prevent a direct relegation.

In the event of a win, it is even possible to move to a non-relegation zone and prevent a relegation. “It would be the best gift the team would have given us when we were leaving,” Dieter Dürr hopes for a sporting happy ending.

Dieter Dürr worked for a long time for FSV Bischofsheim

The Dürr are clubbers through and through. “If I hadn’t been sympathetic to my husband’s volunteering work, we certainly wouldn’t have been married for 58 years,” says the mother of one of the daughters. She knew about it already at the wedding on September 18, 1963 in Römer, Frankfurt. “We got married on my birthday, so I won’t forget our wedding day,” says Dieter Dürr with a smile. He grew up in Niederrad, where he also chased football at a young age and personally knew former Eintracht player Wolfgang Solz.

In 1965, the Dürr couple moved to Bischofsheim. The then chairman of FSV Bischofsheim Valentin Weil found out about Dieter Dürr and led him to the frogs. After joining the team in 1968, Dieter Dürr was a youth leader for eight years and then led the Green-White playing committee for four years.

In 1988, Urszula moved to Hanau, her parents’ home. Initially, Dieter Dürr was still active for the FSV. “It has become too difficult for me to keep going back and forth,” he said, explaining the club’s change from FSV Bischofsheim to TSV 1860 Hanau.

An initially trained fitter, and later a heating fitter, worked in the gaming commission and also served as a youth leader before becoming head of the department. In the meantime, he recharged the battery during the convalescence phase of the hiking department.

What remains after so many years of volunteering? “Lots of fond memories, even beyond the purely sporting side,” Ursula Dürr thinks in particular of the Lamboy festival, which over the years played a leading role in shaping the old town. “It was wonderful, then a lot of people helped.” In 2013 it was over, “the income no longer covered the costs, but the willingness to help also declined more and more,” says Ursula Dürr Grüne.

They both also like to think back to the point game. On Easter Monday 2007, the 1960s and Hanau 93 faced a league match at the Rudi-Völler sports facility. It was about promotion to the group league and the crowd was large enough. HA reported 1,000 guests, Dieter Dürr says with a grain of salt a few more. “The lines went all the way to August-Schärttner-Strasse, we had to order more draft beers.” 1-1 came into the hands of a third party, FC Hochstadt finally got up and the two Hanau clubs looked down the drain. . Today, as at many other clubs, the number of spectators has dropped sharply. “We will be happy if the seat income at least covers the judge’s expenses,” says Ursula Dürr.

A relegation would be the best goodbye gift

Apart from the Dürr couple, it was Jens Marso who saved the ship from the 1960s from capsizing in recent years. As such, they both pay tribute to the 55-year-old sports director of TSV 1860’s soccer department. “Without him, things wouldn’t have turned out here.”

Marso happily returns the praise: “The Dürr married couple lived for the club, they both always listened to each other and spared no effort to make the children happy.” Recently, this has not been possible anymore because in the sixties there were no youth games organized anymore, which should change for the coming season. “We will enter two youth teams again and also come back to play with the other team in the C-League,” Marso looks hopeful to the future.

Before that, the Dürr couple, whose term officially ends on June 30, 2022, must be said goodbye with dignity. Perhaps, in addition to those already granted, there will be one more honor. Dieter was awarded the Golden Badge of Merit of the 1960s in 2015, his wife received the Silver Badge three years earlier. In 2019, Dieter Dürr was awarded a Bronze Badge of Honor by the Hessian Football Association, a retrospective tribute to his many years of work in the district youth committee.

Ursula Dürr is particularly proud of the honorary DFB award she received in 2015. More important for both is the whereabouts of the first team in district league A and their successor’s plan. As Marso announced, without going into details, it seems to be dry clothes in the meantime. Time will tell if the Dürr couple will use the newly gained free time for the next holiday trips. Dieter Dürr has already announced that he will appear more often on other sports fields, such as Bischofsheim and Hochstadt, where he still has many old friends.

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