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On April 29 and 30, 2022, around 150 participants from all over Germany met in a family atmosphere and bright sun in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Bremen to learn about the latest in dentistry and dental technology, and after a long absence.

The morning of the first day of the event started with a workshop by MDT Niels Püschner, BEGO, devoted to valuable tips and tricks for using exocad * software.

BEGO Dialoge from 29 to 30 April in Bremen – speakers on the second day of the event (from left to right Christoph Weiss, MDT Ansger Volke, PD Dr. Roland Strietzel, dental engineer Julian Krämer, MDT Robert Nicic, Prof. Dr. Philipp Streckbein, Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Howaldt, Anja Sohn, PD Dr. Keyvan Sagheb Dr., Prof. Dr. Dritan Turhani, Axel Klarmeyer, MDT Niels Püschner) © BEGO

After the official kick-off of the event and welcomed by Christoph Weiss, managing partner of the BEGO group of companies, Dr. Ingo Baresel from Cadolzburg gave an up-to-date overview of the many possible applications of intraoral scanners in his presentation. Then there was a lecture by prof. dr. Dr. Hans-Peter Howaldt and prof. dr. Dr. Philipp Streckbein (University of Gießen), who explained the basics of bionic design and the special features of BEGO Semados on the topic “Bionic design for a high-performance implant with this special accessory”.® RI implants are shown. Another online lecture by prof. dr. Constantin von See of DPU Krems explained the underlying structures and processes under the headline “Artificial Intelligence in Dental Technology and Dentistry – Position Determination and Future Trends” and gave a look at AI’s opportunities for integration into everyday dental and dental technology. job.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Roland Garve (DPU Krems) with a lecture on “Oral-facial and human cranial mutilations in a cultural context”. The lecture program on the first day ended with the topic “Filling What Is Missing – Accurate Bite Calibration!” Jeremias Hey (Charité Berlin) z. Hey introduced the background, therapeutic benefits and previous experience with the concept of 3D printed restorations made of the VarseoSmile Crown ceramic hybrid material plus by BEGO for a wide range of indications. After the informative first day, the joint evening event was an opportunity for exchange and a pleasant meeting.

On Saturday, PD Dr. Dr. Keyvan Sagheb (University of Mainz) opened the second day of the event with a lecture on “Implant care from root to temporary crown” and drew attention to important factors influencing the long-term success of single-tooth gap care, especially the right time for implantation and loading. The following PD Dr. Roland Strietzel (BEGO) “Biocompatibility in Dentistry” provided listeners with useful information on biocompatibility and the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) from the point of view of the clinical manager. Then prof. dr hab. Dritan Turhani in his lecture “From the care of a single tooth to a complete arch reconstruction” on the comprehensive treatment steps and concepts from the daily clinical routine of the maxillofacial surgery team at the Danube private university in Krems. Another lecture by Dr. Mathias Siegmund from Regensburg and Torsten Bahr (BEGO) discussed “digital workflow” as an interdisciplinary possibility and showed how a dynamic planning process with forward thinking and improved treatment outcomes can result from static backward planning.

After a shared snack lunch, participants had the opportunity to take part in the workshop again in the afternoon. MDT Ansger Volke and dental engineer Julian Krämer, both BEGO, and MDT Robert Nicic of Charité in Berlin, guided through the digital workflow with the VarseoSmile Crown in their ‘From root to crown’ workshop. plus and were pleased with the great interest of the participants.

“Thanks to an event such as BEGO Dialogues, we want to offer our guests not only high-quality specialized lectures and workshops, but also a personal exchange in a family atmosphere. It is this closeness of the management and employees of BEGO that distinguishes our events and constantly inspires our participants – reports Anja Sohn, director of global brand and market communication at BEGO and moderator of the event. “The next generation of dentists, to whom we have made it possible to participate in the congress free of charge, was impressed by the cooperation and, just like us, is already looking forward to the next BEGO Dialogues.”

* This symbol is a trademark / registered trademark of a company that is not part of the BEGO group of companies.

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