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The decision on the office of the mayor of the university and the Hanseatic city of Greifswald will be made in two weeks. The outgoing Stefan Fassbinder (Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen) will face Madeleine Tolani (CDU) in the second round.

Seven candidates were nominated for the elections. 48.54 percent of voters voted for Stefan Fassbinder and 33.14 percent for Madeleine Tolani. The turnout was 40.87 percent. As no one has won an absolute majority, a second election will be held on June 26 in two weeks.

Presently Stefan Fassbinder, Alliance 90 / Zieloni

Seven years ago, Stefan Fassbinder promised a breath of fresh air at City Hall. It took him another 15 votes to remove the CDU from the town hall after 25 years. In East Germany, Fassbinder is currently the only mayor with a green party card. In Greifswald he is supported by his party, the SPD, Die Linke and the animal protection party. According to him, Greifswald has become more social and more sustainable in recent years, says the 55-year-old. Fassbinder intends to continue its course, especially in the field of education. During his tenure, two new nurseries were built, schools were renovated and new sports facilities and playgrounds were created. In the coming years, he wants to create more living space. His goal: at least 2,000 apartments. New housing estates would have to be social and affordable. In his opinion, the city also needs space for various forms of life, which includes a classic single-family house, but also housing projects and tiny houses.

A new approach to mobility

It also wants to make a breakthrough in the field of mobility. The bus service should be affordable, regularly planned and optimized for routing. The area also needs to be better connected to Greifswald’s bus network. He has long wanted a rail link between Ladebów and Lubmin. The passionate cyclist also wants to strengthen cycling in Greifswald. Fassbinder wants to make Greifswald a climate neutral city by 2035. District heating is to be increasingly produced from renewable energy sources. The incumbent operator is also calling for more solar systems on the city’s rooftops to provide tenants with cheap electricity. Fassbinder positively assesses the economic situation of the city. Unemployment is lower than ever before. Fassbinder refers to a ranking from last year where Greifswald came sixth out of 600 cities climbing in the economy. In the future, he wants to increase the production of regional food and preserve agricultural fishing.

Madeleine Tolani, CDU

Candidate for mayor of Greifswald, Madeleine Tolani.

Law professor Madeleine Tolani was considered a promising candidate for the office of mayor. It is still relatively unknown in Greifswald. The 41-year-old, born in Greifswald, has been a member of the CDU parliament for three years. They experience members there, sometimes friendly and charming, sometimes aggressively quarrelsome. In the election campaign, Tolani focused entirely on the green incumbent Fassbinder, who she says is resting on the laurels of his predecessors and showing no initiative himself. Thanks to the twelve-point electoral program, Tolani now wants to regain the executive position of the CDU. As a lawyer, he has experience, which he emphasizes. She discovered errors in the citizenship declarations that were finally recognized by the court.

Video surveillance must not be taboo

One of the concerns of an academic teacher working in Wismar is the lack of cleanliness in the city. Waste bins would have to be emptied more frequently and additional street cleaning staff would have to be hired. The candidate also wants to make the city safer. Video surveillance should not be a taboo subject. The Doctor of Law also declared war on wild animals in an urban area. He does not want to accept the fact that beavers cut trees in the middle of the city or that wild boars move around the city and the roads must be closed. As mayor, he wants to make the city even more transparent and take the participation of citizens more seriously than before. Because these early days would show that the empty bicycle garage at the train station and the Park & ​​Ride parking lot in Eldena are passing people.

Fiber optics for all schools in Greifswald

Tolani also criticizes unnecessary spending on a leased administrative building. He believes that the administration paid about a quarter of a million euros in rent for the building without using the building. Tolani also wants to strengthen education. He promises to improve the fiber optic connections and structural substance of all schools in Greifswald. In the business area, he wants to motivate new companies to settle there and promote a medium-sized corporate culture. The lawyer also sees the potential of Ladebov Port and wants to keep it competitive through dredging and investment. The construction of new hotels is also important to her. It is also important for Tolani to maintain parking spaces for residents and build new multi-storey car parks. He also wants to create more living space in Greifswald. It wants to promote development areas with at least 500 houses and the construction of condominiums and social housing.

Lots of projects already planned

Greifswald is considered the economic engine of West Pomerania. The city is doing well financially. Therefore, in recent years, she has been able to invest a lot of money, especially in infrastructure. For example, at the life science and plasma technology center. It should be completed by the end of the year and will offer around 240 jobs. The city is currently undergoing reconstruction of the northern entrance to the city center, Hansering.

And this year, the renovation of the aging theater will begin. It currently costs: at least EUR 50 million. A new school campus is also planned in Ellernholzteich, close to the main train station. And the pride of the people of Greifswald, the rusting school sailing ship “Greif” is being restored and modernized by the city.

Greifswald is still growing

The city can afford these projects thanks to grants. Despite the koruna pandemic, tax revenues did not collapse. As a science center and university city, Greifswald benefits from the fact that young people and families relocate here. Here you will find a well-paid job. According to the State Statistical Office, at the end of 2020, just over 59,000 people had their main place of residence in the city. people. Greifswald is thus the fourth largest city in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. And the city is still developing.

Housing construction is one of the greatest challenges

However, the good development in Greifswald also has its drawbacks. For example, in Schönwalde I and II and in the Baltic Sea region, the state of the environment needs to be improved. The construction and renovation of the Humboldt Gymnasium was also set back by several years. And since Greifswald is popular, there are hardly any apartments in the city. Therefore, the construction of affordable housing is one of the main challenges for the new mayor for the next seven years.

Seven candidates stood in the election

In addition to Fassbinder and Tolani, five other candidates ran for mayor on Sunday. Konstantin Zirwick (FDP), Ina Schuppa-Wittfoth (Die Basis), Lea Alexandra Siewert (Die Party), Gamal Khalil (one candidate) and Daniel Küther (one candidate) missed the second round.

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