Habeck announces tightening of the antitrust law in a dispute over a discount on tanks

BERLIN Earlier in the opposition, but also in the traffic light coalition itself, dissatisfaction with the limited brake effect on fuel prices grew. After falling prices due to tax cuts on Wednesday last week, fuel prices have increased significantly again. Leading politicians from the FDP, CDU, SPD and the Left Party called on Habeck to take action against oil companies. Objection: The companies put at least part of the tax break into their own pockets. The industry itself once again referred to rising purchasing costs. This eats up the tax break. Even federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier intervened: “I understand the discontent of citizens when many have to cut back and make extra profits,” Steinmeier told Bild am Sonntag. “We have to take anger seriously. While it is important that we tell citizens that the state will not be able to compensate for every price increase, it is also important that we make sure that there are no unreasonable benefits to the situation that may drag on. “However, the government has to answer the question of which instrument is. According to Habeck, the mineral oil companies have not yet shifted their energy tax to the pump sufficiently The first Bundeskartellamt’s data on the tank discount shows that the difference between crude oil prices and petrol station prices has risen sharply since the beginning of the month. “Of course, what many experts have warned about has happened: mineral oil companies are making a profit, and consumers are not noticing the tax cut,” said Habeck. The Ministry of Economy now wants to postpone the amendment to the non-competition law to this year. weeks. The primary goal of j there is a tightening of the arms of the cartel office. However, it was also emphasized: “Such tightening of competition law may not have a short-term effect in the current situation, but may give the state the necessary strength to intervene better in the future.” In general, companies know the prices of competitors at gas stations, because the market is very transparent. “This means that even without an antitrust agreement, prices adjust to each other very quickly; abuse of competition law is difficult to prove ”. For this reason, “unbundling without abuses” should also be possible in the future “in order to create competition in established markets”. The chairman of the FDP parliamentary faction, Christian Dürr, demanded on Saturday’s Bildie: “Minister Habeck must now exert pressure and, together with the Federal Antimonopoly Office, ensure that the aid works.” Ensure that the mineral oil industry does not fully pass on the discount on the tanks. The vice-president of the Union faction, Jens Spahn (CDU) also called on the economy minister to act: “The value of the billion-billion discount on tanks is running out and the lights are on. the least that Minister of Economy Habeck can do. ” At the same time, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) warned of “hasty sentences”. The task of the Cartel Office is to check that the groups are not using their market power, he told the news portal t-online. Several factors influenced the price at the pump – for example, the development on the world markets, but also the availability of refining capacity. “We just don’t know what the price of fuel would be if the energy tax was collected in full. Taller, anyway, ”Lindner emphasized. The ADAC believes that the strengthening of the role of the Federal Antimonopoly Office is right. “If consistent analyzes come to the conclusion that prices in the energy sector are highly overstated, and competition is not working sufficiently due to the market structure, it must also have consequences,” said a spokeswoman for dpa. Everything else is confusing to consumers and leads to frustration and loss of confidence. Politicians must examine in detail whether the strengthening of the authority of the Federal Antimonopoly Office over the oil industry can be designed with legal certainty. SPD leader Esken stressed that the fuel tax break will cost taxpayers around three billion euros. “The fact that mineral oil companies are not now fully passing on this price cut to consumers is foul-smelling.” The cartel office must intervene. Esken also believes that a temporary speed limit and Sunday driving bans are conceivable. In Berlin’s Tagesspiegel she referred to the act on energy security. It allows the government to commission such temporary measures. Left-wing leader Dietmar Bartsch has rejected a driving ban. “Robert Habeck should call the oil companies to the oil peak and control prices tightly from now on,” he told the German editorial network (RND). Instead of a driving ban that hits citizens, maximum state prices at service stations are sometimes needed. “Competition can take place underneath, to the benefit of consumers and at the expense of the oil company’s profits.” Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing emphasized in an interview with Deutschlandfunk that the Federal Antimonopoly Office has a duty to investigate any profit taking. The FDP politician ruled out changes in the discount on tanks, and even abolition. A legislative process was carried out to reduce the energy tax on fuels. Therefore, the recipe cannot be changed in a short time. The TIV gas station interest group has accused the oil companies of overstating their own profits. The tax break decided by the federal government has been largely neutralized in advance through higher prices. The mineral oil industry association MWV rejected it again. Managing Director Christian Küchen commented on the higher purchase costs of Deutschlandfunk.

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