MGV »1872« Lauterbach: Pop choir inspires with its 150th birthday concert – Schramberg and surroundings

From Udo Jürgens to “Ęrzte”: The pop choir inspires the audience. Source: Unknown

“Hope”. This was the motto of the MGV pop choir “1872” Lauterbach eV during the concert celebrating the club’s 150th anniversary. The audience spent an amazing evening in the parish hall.

Lauterbach – People could hope for many things – for example for the end of pandemic restrictions or for world peace. With these words, Ulrike Quade and Ansgar Fehrenbacher from the pop choir welcomed the audience on Saturday night. In addition to many other friends of music, Mayor Norbert Swoboda with his wife Uta, Pastor Anton Cingia, numerous members of other associations such as the “Sängerlust” Sulzbach and the church choir, found a place in the community center. Not forgetting the former MGV “1872” singers who performed for the last time last year, they sent Quade and Fehrenbacher special greetings to them.

“Loan from the Fools Guild” moderated

Ingo Maurer, who also congratulated on the anniversary, led the way through the varied program because he himself was “just a loan from the fools guild.” It also took over the catering before and after the concert and during the break.

The musical part of the evening started with “The World Needs Songs” by Udo Jürgens, followed by “Miracles Happened” by German pop singer Nena. In this song, she processed the early death of her first son. The songs of the pop choir were also accompanied by gestures adapted to the text. Choir director Dorothea Eberhardt herself wrote the arrangements of “her” pop choir for most of the songs performed at the concert. The piano accompaniment was provided by Thomas Schneider, who accompanied the choir during other performances. After “Over seven bridges you must go” and “Let the sun into your heart” “Far, Far” followed, the last bit before the break. At the same time, it was the only piece performed by the choir a cappella without piano accompaniment.

Pop choir meets punk rock

After a short break, there was the song “Born to Live” and the well-known song “Imagine” by guitarist, vocalist and co-founder of “The Beatles” John Lennon. The announcement of the next songs made some of the audience members sit down and pay attention to the second song at the latest. After “We Have a Dream” by Dieter Bohlen, the pop choir wanted to introduce some punk rock from “Hurray” from doctors to the program. The singers also mastered these two songs to perfection and also received a thunderous applause for them. “When I got the show for tonight and saw› Hurra ‹, which is pop choir and punk rock, I asked myself what they were doing in rehearsals,” Ingo Maurer later jokes. “But to put it in terms of punk rock: it was pretty cool,” he praised the singers.

“Breathless” prescribed

But every concert ends at some point, so the pop choir said goodbye to the audience with their own version of Helene Fischer’s hit “Atemlos”. “The pop choir sings breathlessly all night long, ‘It was fun. The pop choir sings breathlessly all night long, “That made us happy”, the singers adapted the chorus to their situation.

Good mood in the common room

After the encore, Ulrike Quade and Ansgar Fehrenbacher thanked the audience and the people who made this evening possible. It was “quite a strange feeling” when he thought about it last night, Fehrenbacher gave an insight into his mental life. In the end, it was not certain if there would be people at the end and whether the music would be able to reach the audience. Will everything really happen as it has been rehearsed. But judging by the applause and enthusiasm of the audience, the concert was an absolute success. Finally, Dorothea Eberhardt and the pop choir joined the “Hurray” again and set a good mood throughout the hall.

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