Michelle Kroppen at the Archery Championship: Fun gets serious – the sport

When Michelle Kroppen reached the podium at 15:24, she beamed again. She has just received her third European Championship medal that day in silver, and the tears that flowed behind the scenes due to the missing gold have disappeared. The 26-year-old Kroppen has achieved something special: never before has an archer reached the finals in all disciplines, whether mixed, team or now individual. However, Kroppen, the scorer for the indoor team BSG Ebersberg, could not get used to the fact that he won only one of the three finals on Sunday under the applause of 1,250 fans. The coach of the national team had different experiences. Even before the finals started, Oliver Haidn was clearly touched: “Sometimes he dreams of it.”

His work Sunday started early in the morning with the “Banana Crew” as the women’s team of Kroppen, Charline Schwarz (21) and Katharina Bauer (26) call themselves. They wear tropical fruit shaped key chains over their chest armor for good luck. Katharina Bauer was still trying hard with restraint – “I think it’s okay if it’s not hihaun soid,” said the thief – and yet the unusual talisman should help.

The team won with Turkey succeeds only in play-offs, “closer than expected”

The women’s team defeated Turkey 6: 4 in the penalty shootout for gold, “they deserved it,” said Marc Dellenbach, who accompanied Germany on goal as assistant coach. He was right: they are the best Europeans in the world rankings and they made it through the qualifiers without losing endings. However, the decision in the final was made only in the play-off, in which each participant only had one arrow left. It was “closer than expected,” said Dellenbach, and also needed an incentive for a golden start – with the support of an overgrown plush banana.

While Charline Schwarz, Germany’s first reflex shooter, ended their working day, Bauer and Kroppen were allowed to stay at Theresienwiese, they still had medals in their sights. Kroppen’s second appearance came immediately with the support of her mixed partner Florian Unruh as well as ahead of his wife Lisa Unruh. She was the first German archer to win an individual medal at the Olympics, a silver medal in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, and now stays for personal reasons. However, she wanted to watch her husband qualify for the summit with Kroppen. The Dutch duo Rick van der Ven / Gaby Schloesser waited in the final.

Schloesser was already enjoying the gold medal from her husband Mike on the day of the final folded, now the native Mexican herself interrupted the German jubilee in Munich. In the high-class, very precise mixed final, the final score was 5: 3, and for the first time Kroppen was not on the top step of the podium.

Kroppen is part of the promotion of top-class sports and can devote himself fully to his sport

Kroppen is part of the promotion of sports at the highest level, as one of the few German archers can devote himself fully to his sport. Before that, however, she completed her training with the federal police this winter. “There was no regular training between September and the end of February,” recalls Coach Haidn. She also had to fight an internal elimination in the spring, participation in the “EM dahoam” was under threat.

So Kroppen herself was “glad she was here at all,” summing up the week of the European Championship – starting on Tuesday’s qualifying where she set her personal best. Also passed Thursday’s heavy rain at the Olympic shooting range, which turned into a muddy pit. Spectators came to Garching very rarely, but the Theresienwiese seats filled up quickly over the weekend. Even Mats Hummels appeared under the cloudless skies and hot heat.

In the afternoon, Kroppen received a third appearance: the Individual Final, in which she said she just “wanted to have fun”. But as competitive as she analyzed the mixed final, she wanted to win a second gold medal – the joke became serious. In the third pass, however, she lost her concentration and eventually had to admit defeating the Turkish Gulnaz Coskun 2: 6.

With a gold medal and two silver ones, it should still be a decent celebration, right? “I’ll be home with my mom eight hours later,” said Michelle Kroppen. “There will be a barbecue tomorrow.” And no more crying.

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