No more “greatness next door”, no more Sat.1, no more TV! Now it’s so hard to settle accounts with your sender!

Hugo Egon Balder, Hella von Sinnen and Wigald Boning put an end to “Ingenious next to it”. Sat 1 / Willi Weber

Hugo Egon Balder breaks up. From “Ingenious next to it”, from Sat.1, with TV as a whole. And she settles accounts with her longtime home station.

In his own words, the moderator no longer wants to moderate TV programs. “I am now 71 years old. I don’t feel like moderating things at this age when people say, “My God, let’s hope he lives the show,” Balder said in an interview with the German editorial network (RND). Over the past fifty years, the TV star has stood in front of or behind the camera in TV formats such as “Genial Nexus”, “Der Klugere kippt nach”, “Tutti Frutti”, “Alles Nichts oder ?!” or “RTL”. Saturday night”.

Balder is also an actor, musician, co-owner of a bar in Hamburg, and a singer (“Elvira, put your garter belt up”, “Erna is coming”).

A native of Berlin, who lives in Cologne and Hamburg, explained that he was “very lucky” to have been playing in the theater for ten years. “And that’s what I was imagining at my age. I can play in the theater at 85 if I want to. ” An “anorexic ferret,” as his colleague Hella von Sinnen, who in turn described him as a “fat snail,” once affectionately called him, only says goodbye to the screen.

Hella von Sinnen (right), Hugo Egon Balder and “Cake Girl” by Regine Weissbarth in the anarcho show “Everything Nothing Or ?!”. imago / Horst Galuschka

“Brilliant Next”: After this season, it’s over

The “Ingenious next to it” format with Balder is still available Saturday 1 Friday night. The show is coming to an end, he says. It has a rich history since 2003. She came on Saturdays for a long time. Then she had a break between 2011 and 2017. There have been seven seasons since then, as well as several spin-offs. The basic concept of the show is that the comedians try to answer the difficult questions asked by the viewers in improvisational comedy in the most humorous way.

After the current season, it’s over, says Balder bitterly. “The station hasn’t contacted me yet. But I decided for myself that I no longer want it. It just doesn’t do anything “

A spokesman for Sat.1 confirmed at the request of the German Press Agency that the final episodes of the current season took place on July 9 and 16. “In addition, no new episodes are planned for this or next year.” Broadcaster Daniel Rosemann said to Balder: “We would like to thank you for the successful cooperation over the past decades. As a native of Cologne, let me tell you, freely adapted from Trude Herr who has lived in Cologne for many years: You never really leave, something of you stays here. Thank you for the good years. “

Hugo Egon Balder became known for his RTL nude show “Tutti Frutti”. dpa / DF1

Balder’s difficult words for Sat 1

Balder takes a critical look at the German television landscape today, including attempts to change the image of large private companies. “The 20-year-old who has been using streaming services for years will not return to television anymore,” he says in an interview with RND. Older people still have a chance.

Rejuvenation, which has been promoted for a long time, is a mistake. “Neither of the boys is coming back. If you rejuvenate your station, at some point you won’t have any viewers. “

He also finds harsh words for his longtime Sat.1 home: “There are always programs emerging that at least feel like they can go crazy. And then it is done anyway. And the biggest problem is that these programs also cost a lot of money, ”says Balder. “Either you bite the bullet and do it – or you say, ‘Without me!’ And I got to the point where I’d rather say, “This is it.”

Hugo Egon Balder does not want to give up acting – here in the comedy on Kurfürstendamm. DAVIDS / Christina Kratsch

Balder: Only “Four Good People” on TV

He watched a lot of TV while in lockdown and was not impressed by today’s talk show: “The politicians are trained in such a way that the moderator doesn’t get the right answer even after asking four times. They know exactly what to say and what not to say. It’s all a bit boring for me. “

In addition to Joko and Klaas, there are now “four people” who “like”: “These are Dieter Nuhr, Torsten Sträter, Sebastian Pufpaff and Jan Böhmermann. All different characters who follow different paths, also politically. But this variety is great. ” Otherwise, little knocks him off the TV stool.

Balder, who parodied the hits in the 1970s, revolutionized television alongside Hella von Sinnen in the 1980s with the RTL anarcho-playshow “Alles Nichts oder?”, At the end of which the cookies were thrown away. Then came the striptease “Tutti Frutti” with incomprehensible rules, a copy of the Italian show “Colpo Grosso”. It was filmed on the set in Milan. “The only problem was that the Italians were gambling for money. And we took over everything, including the computer. As a result, I did not give one point for the jacket, but 100,000 points – it was a lira after all. Nobody understood it, but I didn’t care. “

Balder is married for the fifth time

In the 1990s, Balder transferred the American comedy show “Saturday Night Live” to German television, which is still running successfully in the US as “RTL Saturday Night.” Actors of the series such as Wigald Boning, Olli Dittrich, Stefan Jürgens made a career.

A few years ago, Balder got to the heart of his family history for public television. His mother was Gerda Leyserson, she was Jewish and survived the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

She taught him not to show any weakness, Balder told Stern in a 2015 interview. “If I were different, I’d probably only have one wife. I guess I’m incapacitated. ” Balder has been married for the fifth time since 2019.

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