Rising fuel prices again: Habeck is to call in the heads of oil companies

Status: 11/06/2022 09:20

CDU and FDP representatives asked the Minister of Economy Habeck to take action against oil companies due to the persistently high fuel prices. The Minister of Transport, Wissing, however, ruled out changes or lifting the discount on tanks.

The discount on the tank may not be affected due to persistently high fuel prices. Now, leading politicians from the FDP and CDU are calling on the federal minister of the economy, Robert Habeck, to take action against the oil companies. “Minister Habeck must now exert pressure and, together with the Federal Antimonopoly Office, ensure that the aid is effective,” said Christian Dürr, leader of the FDP parliamentary group, of the newspaper Bild. Avoid situations in which the mineral oil industry does not give the customer a full tank discount.

Union faction deputy leader Jens Spahn called on Habeck to act: “Tank discount, worth billions, running away and traffic lights are watching. to do. “The Economy Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Sven Schulze, made a similar statement:” Now Robert Habeck has to call on international oil companies for a report. The scuffling of citizens at gas stations cannot go on like this for a week. “

Lower Saxony’s Economy Minister Bernd Althusmann told the Bild newspaper that the tank discount had been a flop so far. Why doesn’t Minister Habeck just get the oil companies together? Traffic lights should now leave no stone unturned so that the announced relief continues to reach consumers. “

Debate on fuel discounts due to rising fuel prices

Frank Jahn, ARD Berlin, daily news at 8pm on June 11, 2022

Wissing excludes changes to the tank discount

Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing has ruled out changes or the lifting of the tank discount. The discount was introduced through a legislative procedure. “Now you can’t go over here and say we’re going to change it in a short time,” said Wissing in “Interview of the Week” of Deutschlandfunk.

SPD leader Saskia Esken is not ruling out a temporary speed limit and temporary driving bans if gasoline prices continue to be high. In Tagesspiegel, she referred to the Energy Security Act of 1975, adopted in response to the oil crisis and recently amended by the coalition.

“It allows the government to order temporary measures, such as Sunday driving bans, the elderly remember, or a temporary speed limit,” Esken told the newspaper. “But also price caps or – in extreme cases – placing companies in a critical energy supply infrastructure under trusteeship for a limited period of time.”

Esken has criticized that the petrol and diesel tax credit costs taxpayers about three billion euros, but of course it is not fully passed on to drivers. “The fact that mineral oil companies are not now fully passing on this price cut to consumers is stinking.” The cartel office must intervene. Oil companies should not sell money at the expense of the taxpayer.

Fuel prices are rising again every day

The tank discount imposed by the FDP took effect on June 1 as part of the federal government’s bailout package. This is a three-month cut in the energy tax on fuels. According to the ADAC, after a significant drop immediately after the refueling discount took effect, prices at gas stations were rising every day.

A liter of diesel is now only 3.2 cents cheaper than the day before the 16.7 cents tax cut. According to the ADAC, the Super E10 costs 20.9 cents – with a tax cut of 35.2 cents. “Including the tax cut, the price at the gas station has risen more than the price of crude oil since late May. This, of course, raises questions, said the president of the Federal Antimonopoly Office, Andreas Mundt.

High petrol prices: postulates of the minister of economy and the cartel office

Markus Sambale, ARD Berlin, June 11 2022 11:52 am

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