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save energy

The main cost source in summer is the energy used to try to lower the room temperature. That’s why Mercury lists several energy balance errors that cost money in the summer. Especially in summer, you should not leave the window open all day. After warm outside air is let in, it is difficult to cool the apartment or house again. It is best to ventilate the room in the morning or at night and open all doors and windows at the same time for good draft.

You should also take care to protect the windows from the sun, roller blinds or curtains during the day. Because when the sun is pounding freely on the fronts of the windows, the living rooms get so hot that it is difficult to do without fans or air conditioning.

It also explains that air conditioning should be avoided as much as possible as they consume a lot of electricity. Fans are a more energy-saving variant. Although they do not cool the air directly, the air movement gives the impression of a cooler room temperature. In addition, they are said to have 20 to 50 times less energy consumption than air conditioners and therefore consume little electricity.

Plants in the apartment are also helpful in the energy-efficient cooling of apartments and houses. Potted plants lower the perceived room temperature as the water evaporates.

You also need to make sure that not all power eaters, such as televisions, lights or computers, are constantly on in the household as they also produce heat. Therefore, what is not needed at present should be turned off in order not to increase the temperature in the room unnecessarily.

Save on vacation

For many, summer vacation is also a cost that should not be underestimated. But here too, you can save money. The DIY magazine Selfermachen therefore gives tips on how holidaymakers can save in the summer. First of all, you shouldn’t just book the first vacation offer that comes up. If you want to save on booking transport and accommodation, it is worth taking a look at the offers of various travel portals.

It is also helpful to search incognito flights and accommodation or delete your cookies after each search. If the booking portal recognizes that you will be returning, higher prices are triggered in order to register your booking. As a newbie to the site, you can usually get flights and accommodation at much cheaper prices.

If you can travel very flexibly in summer, you should be able to offer last minute deals. There are often beautiful travel destinations at good and, above all, low prices.

If you are going on vacation by car, make sure your car’s tire pressure is correct as wrong tire pressure leads to more fuel consumption and is not beneficial for the car in the long run. You can also travel by car to many, mostly cheaper, domestic vacation destinations.

Home saving tips

But you can also save money at home in the summer with a few tricks. The online magazine “Guter Rat” has some tips for saving money in the summer. For example, to enjoy the sun and warmth in summer, you can choose not to use the dryer when washing and to dry your laundry in the sun. On average, you can save a whole € 50 over the three summer months.

If you like ice cream in the summer, you can save yourself a trip to the ice cream parlor. Many homemade ice cream recipes can be found on the Internet, which makes it much cheaper to enjoy your favorite ice cream than at an ice cream parlor. For example, raspberry ice cream can be conjured up with just a few ingredients, such as frozen raspberries, cream yogurt, and a little vanilla and powdered sugar.

Another great way to cool down and save money is to take a cold or lukewarm shower in the summer. You can save up to € 65 in the summer months.

A cold kitchen is not only a cold shower, but also a great way to save money. In summer, many prefer a refreshing salad to a hot soup anyway. By turning off the stove more often in the summer, you not only save electricity, but also prevent the apartment or house from heating up.

Barbecue enthusiasts can save money in the summer by using a charcoal grill. They are much cheaper to buy than gas or electric grills. If you also marinate your grilled food yourself, you can also save money. Unmarinated meat is usually cheaper and healthier.

If you don’t want to miss the summer excursions, but also don’t want to spend a fortune visiting the amusement park, you can go cycling or hiking and visit the idyllic places in the area. There is also a cheaper option to visit the pool. Admission to bathing lakes usually costs much less than swimming pools and is even completely free. If you take your own food with you on your trips, you can also save on catering.

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