Telsa plans to cut employment and wants 3 to 1 shares split | News

After Tesla boss Elon Musk threatened his employees in his home office to get fired, more is now making headlines. Due to the bad economic situation, he reportedly imposed a job freeze and plans to lay off workers. In addition, Tesla announced a 3: 1 split to give itself more flexibility.

He also wants to postpone his Tesla AI Day, originally scheduled for August 19, to September 30. The plan is to cut the workforce by about ten percent, according to an internal email to Tesla executives. He has a “very bad feeling” about economic development.

Musk only made headlines last Wednesday, banning his employees from working from home. If someone does not show up, we must assume that he or she has left the company, “the letter said, without a polite greeting, with the subject” keep it super clear. ” At the end of 2021, Tesla employed a good 99,000. people, almost 80 thousand each in 2021. In 2010, it was almost 900.

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At the same time, Musk announced on Twitter a few hours ago that Tesla AI Day would be postponed to September 30, as the company may have a working Optimus prototype for its humanoid robot by then. Musk announced this on the last Tesla AI Day in August 2021. It is designed to perform general physical tasks that are too boring or too dangerous for humans.

The proposed 3-to-1 stock split would be Tesla’s second stock split in a few years. The electric car maker made a 5-to-1 share split in August 2020, and the shares have risen almost 40 percent since then.

The Tesla stock remains in reverse

Tesla shares have lost about 35 percent of their value this year and are again approaching the annual low of about $ 623. Shares recently failed at $ 800 resistance and has been losing significantly since then. However, the MACD (Momentum) continues to show an increase and provides some support for the stock price. The sideways trend from May is currently maintained.

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