The new Nieheim center inspires citizens and politicians

The Richterhaus is a monument in a central location in the center of Nieheim. After a long period of vacancy and imminent collapse, the half-timbered house characteristic of the city landscape was to receive a new purpose. Due to the preservation of the valuable historical structure of the building, the renovation and extension of the building with ecological building materials and a future-oriented energy concept, the construction project was planned in accordance with the monument and ecologically sustainable. “House of the Court’s Generations” is the Regionale 2022 project by Urband Land OWL. The renovation was financed due to the “exemplary development of the district by revitalizing the architectural heritage in Nieheim”.

Several vigorous bees are buzzing in the judge’s house during the inauguration of the building and the square. Picture: Michael Robrecht

The millionth project receives large funding

“Anyone can do it,” said the Minister of Construction. The project had a strong foundation in Nieheim. “There are people who believe something without seeing it. Then you convince others with your actions. ” This was the case with the judge’s house in Nieheim, praised the minister. In addition to clerks, people could also be recruited to the judges’ house. “And if we donate public money, we are convinced that it will work. And here I see it, ”explained Scharrenbach, who was the first outstanding man to be allowed to sign the Golden Book of the City of Nieheim, newly designed by carpenter Stephan Kronenberg of Eversen.

Guests from all over the Höxter district were guests at the inauguration of Richterplatz: MdB Christian Haase, MdL Matthais Goeken, several mayors, representatives of government, politics, business and society, and people from Nieheim. Picture: Michael Robrecht

Nieheim is also ahead in terms of climate neutrality: the connection to the new local district heating center from Rieks is future-proof. Mayor Johannes Schlütz said the same. 30 houses in the city center are supplied with heat from the waterway.

MGV Nieheim sings in front of the judge’s house. Picture: Michael Robrecht

The usage concept at the Richterhaus is multigenerational

The concept of use at the judge’s home has been designed with the generations in mind: a day room for seniors sponsored by the Association of Young and Old People and rooms for work with young people are connected by meeting places in the building. Mixed use is deliberately planned so that young and old people can meet in as many places as possible and on as many days as possible. On the two higher floors above the kindergarten, there will be spaces for open work with young people, meetings and spending free time for the elderly. However, the surfaces and times of use also allow the rooms to be used independently for appropriate purposes.

In connection with the redesign of the neighboring Richterplatz, Richterhaus will initiate the development of the “New Center” in Nieheim with more barrier-free apartments and shops. The historic city center will be strengthened in terms of building culture, the Richterhaus will in the future take over as an anchor for social integration in the city center, and will also contribute to the strengthening of the central supply area.

Children especially love the new little fountains at Richterplatz. Picture: Michael Robrecht

The mayor of Schlütz announced that a six-family house will soon be built in the parking lot at Richterplatz, which further emphasizes the new character of the square. Water games are an attraction for children and develop their attractiveness. Visitors also appreciate the uninterrupted view of the church. “The whole project is a great achievement for small administration. Many local artisans of all industries have also done great things, said the mayor. His predecessor Rainer Vidal, who also attended the inauguration along with the neighboring city’s parliamentarians and mayors, and the council of Nieheim saw the potential of the Richterhaus project early on.

Catholic Pastor Jürgen Bischoff and Protestant Pastor Kira Weweler blessed this place and home. Picture: M Robrecht

Mayor admits: “I was skeptical at first”

Schlütz admitted that he has long been very skeptical about financial and additional costs. He asked the Nieheimers for forgiveness and admitted that he had underestimated the impact of renovating the judge’s house on Nieheim. Something very nice happened there – said the mayor at the inauguration. The project gives Nieheim an impetus, especially as public investment is associated with private investment. In addition to the apartment building, a large insurance company is also relocating, with a nursing service, a charity station and a bakery at the front. The federal and state governments would fund the judge’s house 2.3 million euros. Richterplatz cost 1.3 million euros.

Hunters’ horn players will perform at the inauguration ceremony. Picture: Michael Robrecht

MdL Matthias Goeken thanks Minister Ina Scharrenbach for the visit: He is a member of the government “which was most often in the Höxter district”. Lena Volmert, the district deputy starost, drew attention to the generational thinking in the house of the judge, who fortunately still lives in many rural areas. Catholic Pastor Jürgen Bischoff and Protestant Pastor Kira Weweler blessed this place and home.

The background music was provided by MGV Nieheim and hunting horns. The trade association Nieheim also joined and organized the “Nieheim family light”. In addition, various shops offered Sunday shopping, visitors could take part in numerous activities and also win something in the Richterhaus quiz. Modellbau-Club Bad Driburg organized a presentation area in front of the old school and presented vehicle models there. The transport company Rieks from Nieheim was represented by a truck, which was especially appreciated by children. There was a bouncy castle for children in the courtyard in front of the ice cream shop. In the afternoon singer Isa Glück performed.

In terms of atmosphere, Richterplatz makes a major contribution to the beautiful downtown: the view of the church is visible after the demolition of the Hotel Westfälischer Hof. The sidewalk is old and new. Picture: Michael Robrecht

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