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SRF radio preacher Susanne Cappus longs for order and planning in life. But in the end, he has to admit, “If I look back over my life, my best decisions were unplanned. All without exception. “

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It almost became an evening ritual. I’m making dinner for the next day. See what’s cool in the fridge, chop the cherry tomatoes, chop the chives and mix with the curd, maybe take out some Bündnerfleisch. I’ve been doing this since Christmas and I like it. I bought a bento box for Christmas.

Bento box

The bento box is a transport box for food. It comes from Japan. My bento box is very elegant and made of food grade stainless steel – no matter what the food grade stainless steel is. . . The bento box has compartments of various sizes, in which you can safely store individual ingredients of a meal. The curd no longer spills over the Bündnerfleisch. Everything’s all right. Just amazing! My lunch is and remains tidy and manageable.

Everything under control

Dear listener, the word safety freak might be a little exaggerated, but after enjoying my bento box I probably came to light as particularly orderly and safety conscious. As a pastor, I know that trust is the foundation of faith and life. But really that’s for me: trust is good, planning and order are better. And yes, sometimes I look longingly at the neatly separated dishes in my bento box, and I think it wouldn’t be bad if my life had been so controlled for once. It’s not always something unpredictable that makes my emotions go wild or things that don’t work out after all.

bento box

The best decisions are unplanned

So life in a bento box? Do I really want it? Looking back on my life, all my best decisions were unplanned. Everything without exception. Amazing. And if everything I wanted had happened, looking back, I would have had a very difficult life.

ideas and a little courage

My best decisions were always made by a spontaneous idea, an idea that came up suddenly touched me and would not go away. I didn’t always find these ideas immediately great. I remember well the moment when ten years ago I decided to become a deacon and pastor in my Old Catholic Church. Thought it was fun to spend time with people, but wearing a white robe in church or preaching – not necessarily. And then there were other questions, re-studying at 44, financing, then moving from my own flat to a shared flat to make it cheaper. Looking back, I’m a little surprised that I did it all with ease. Also brave.

Ordained women diacons among Christian Catholics

Ordained women diacons among Christian Catholics

Heart in the storm

I’m still happy with the result. I love my job and as a nice side effect it all went so well in the shared apartment that I still live there. The transfer of the third WG member was not a planned decision. A small, skinny cat, which had to be kept in one room in the shelter because he was so shy, took my heart by storm with his sad yellow eyes. Now the proud chief of a large police station lies relaxed in a basket on the windowsill as I write this sermon.

God’s wisdom

Therefore, I do not owe the best decisions to my planning and security awareness. I owe it to the intrusion of something outside of me. Something bigger than me that can grab me and change me. It allows me to go new ways and gives me joy in my life. This greater thing is also called God’s wisdom in the Bible. The book of Proverbs says that God created wisdom as his companion at the beginning of his own journey. Wisdom then supports him in creating the world. Since then, she has accompanied God and His people. The book of Proverbs gives the voice of wisdom. Wisdom speaks for itself, I read:

“The Lord created me to be the beginning of his way, before his works in ancient times; I was formed in the earliest times, in the beginning, at the beginning of the earth. I was there when he built the heavens, when he measured the world, when he lifted the clouds overhead, and when he measured the foundations of the earth, when he measured the foundations of the earth, I was there with him as a beloved child. I was his joy day after day and played in front of him all the time. I am playing on earth and being with people is my joy. “

Inspiration for the inner bento box

Wisdom as God’s companion, playing before him on earth and happy to be with us people: what a mighty picture! And what a wonderful invitation for me to loosen up control over life, look up from my inner bento box and at that child playing. To the wisdom that comes from God and wants to inspire me.

Susanne Cappus, Christian Catholic radio preacher

Susanne Cappus, Christian Catholic radio preacher

Wisdom, child of God!

Wisdom makes it easier for me. She is not walking with heavy steps, she is an adult with a serious expression on her face. He gives no orders, and he does not give orders. Wisdom, this child of God, runs towards us, people, with incredible ease, takes us by the hand and invites us to play with him in the game of life. Fun is sacred. The game itself is unintended. Respects the unpredictable. Bones fall as they fall. And gaming is fun, outgoing and outgoing. Where, if not in this open, joyful space, could God’s wisdom develop best?

Live playfully

This open space cannot be controlled or planned for me, but it attracts me. It would be nice to take life more playfully and not bind my mind to various possible and impossible situations that may never happen. Just being open to what life offers me to play with – and trusting the wisdom of God that is with me. My life would probably be easier and happier. Or maybe even regret one or the other tingling surprise. So completely unexpected. Champagne corks do not follow precisely calculated trajectories. Maybe happiness is not about getting what I want, but playing with what is and enjoying it. Good luck in the game and good luck in your life.

Susanne Cappus is a Christian Catholic radio preacher and works as a deacon.

Excerpt from the Bible: Proverbs 8: 22-31

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