8 ways to promote your business

window advertising

The storefront is the showcase of the store and deserves proper attention. Effective window advertising can grab the attention of passers-by and attract customers. There are a few limits to creativity, as long as you consider a few key elements:

  • When designing a shop window, one should bear in mind the target group. For example, by displaying clothes and items that match people in the neighborhood or part of the store.
  • The atmosphere on the site should reflect the identity of the brand or store. Those who are attracted to a butterfly-themed boutique window are likely to be more negatively surprised if the store is decorated in an industrial, warehouse style.
  • Lighting should be included in the design. It’s often worth just trying different options to make sure you’re literally presenting your business in the best light possible.
  • By creating a focal point in your window first, you can prevent passersby from overlooking most of your promotional items.

leaflet advertising

Traditional flyer advertising is a proven marketing format that is particularly useful for promoting events and offers to local customers. Strategically placed and placed flyers can grab the attention of a larger customer base. Additionally, give it to existing customers when shopping as a reminder of the dates of the upcoming event. However, the possibilities of doing flyer marketing are not exhausted here. An attractively designed flyer is sometimes suitable for online advertising, for example in an email newsletter or on a social media platform.

Fortunately, these days you no longer need to be a graphic designer (or hire one) to design a handsome and professional looking flyer. Free online tools like Adobe Express make it easier than ever to design your own personalized flyer with templates and intuitive operation.


Promoting events with flyers has already been mentioned, but the events themselves are of course also a marketing opportunity. In addition to celebrating openings and anniversaries, companies can earn points by offering events that fit their industry. Examples include a fashion show in a boutique, wine tasting in a deli, or painting classes run by an art supply store.

Don’t forget to capture events in photos that you can later share online, for example.

Customer loyalty bonus programs

Loyalty programs that reward customer loyalty have many advantages. They require relatively little effort, can be used by stores as well as online stores, and show regular customers that you are not just trying to win the favor of new customers. Depending on the industry and the customer base information you have, this can be done in different ways. A simple stamp card that gives you every tenth cup of coffee for free is just as suitable as the 10% coupon you will get after shopping for the next time.

Social media marketing

Admittedly, social media marketing is a very large and varied field. In addition to Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok are possible for this. Since FB and IG have the highest number of active users and at the same time the content is easy to link, they are especially suitable for companies that are just starting out in internet marketing.


Despite increasing competition from platforms like TikTok, Facebook remains at the top of the social media charts. Nearly 2.9 billion users log in per month to actively use the app. Since FB makes money by selling paid ads, the reach of unpaid posts from companies is limited. However, this shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of a number of useful marketing options, including:

  • Regular Facebook posts to share updates about the company and its products.
  • Facebook events to create events and share information in a few clicks. Facebook Live for real-time communication with customers.


Instagram also has a huge platform that can be used by 1-2 billion active users. It started out as a simple photo sharing app, but since then IG has undergone a multimedia evolution. The following features are available here today for online marketing:

  • Instagram Posts Like Facebook posts, Instagram posts can be used to provide up-to-date information about a company and its products. Particular attention should be paid here to the visual element. To make a good impression as a business in this app, your profile and the posts you see on it should offer an attractive overall picture.
  • Instagram Stories can reproduce text, photos, video and audio. Since they disappear from the story feed within 24 hours, they’re especially useful for hot topics and flash updates.
  • Instagram Reels allows you to publish short video posts that you can share permanently via your profile. The format is ideal, for example, to showcase a company, new products or its team.
  • Instagram Live can be used, among other things, to stream live shows and interact with customers via real-time messaging.
  • The Instagram Store offers traders who are already selling online the option of using an Instagram storefront where customers can pay directly in the app.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another online strategy that small businesses can easily implement. Of course, customers must provide their e-mail address and consent. For a general overview, it is recommended to use an email marketing tool. User-friendly design templates are available there to keep your email always looking professional.

partnerships and collaborations

On-site and online partnerships and collaboration are a great way to expand your store’s reach and reach new audiences. For example, this could look like organizing joint events or including a production company in your product range.

Influencer marketing also promises success on the Internet. Brands do this by connecting with creators who have a large number of followers that match the company’s target audience. The influencer then promotes the product, usually by demonstrating it. A well-known example of this is make-up tutorials with a sponsor.


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