Crown and jobs: where are industry migrants going? – Current news from the Allgäu

Many employees in the Allgäu have quit their jobs in catering or nursing. What they are doing now is not statistically recorded. But there are observations.

Changes in the labor market Allgäu he is now an enigmatic expert. Certain sectors, such as hospitality, catering and care, have been complaining for months about sometimes massive loss of workers during a pandemic. 860 vacancies in the catering industry are currently registered at the Kempten-Memmingen Employment Agency and 800 in health and social services. On the other hand, it is not clear which occupations most workers migrate to. “If we knew this, we could react,” says Armin Hollweck, president of the Oberallgäu district of the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association.

Statistics are not available from industry associations or employment agencies, as a survey by our editors revealed. According to Armin Iqbal, spokesman for the Kempten-Memmingen employment agency, the problem has been identified. The federal agency planned to compile new statistics for these cases. this corona crisis in the end, matters on the labor market have mixed up.

Unskilled workers are particularly affected

Gastronomy was particularly hard hit. Robert Frank, vice-chairman of the Kempten-Oberallgäu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, notes Robert Frank, vice-chairman of the Kempten-Oberallgäu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, due to the uncertainty surrounding blockades, in particular unskilled workers such as temporary workers have moved to other service areas. The decline in skilled workers was not so great: “Thanks to the short-term work allowance, many have stopped.”

But there was also emigration among them. “A highly trained receptionist can quickly build a foothold with a law firm,” says Frank. Others went abroad, e.g. to Switzerland. Or they are reflecting on prior qualifications, as Iqbal explains: “A cook who used to do his truck license in the Bundeswehr is changing in the logistics industry.” New opportunities are also opening up for many in the manufacturing industry. Only in this category, 1,200 job vacancies are reported to the Employment Agency. For example, 35-year-old Marian Lautaru from Kempten ended up there. The chef, who recently worked in a high-class restaurant, has been working as a machine operator in a plastics processing plant for a year and a half. “I love my job as a chef. But now I’m glad to have some income. Besides, I always need something to do. Just turning my thumbs on the lock was not an alternative for me, ”he says.

Many former colleagues are also concerned: “No one can guarantee that there will not be another blockage in the gastronomy in the fall,” he said, referring to the renewed corona wave that experts feared. Currently, he gives free rein to his creativity while cooking for friends and in the art field. For the fall, she is planning her own exhibition with “Food Art” – that is, the art of food that can be eaten later.

Go on completely new paths

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Brand New Paths: Apparently, this desire often comes when people quit their previous job. For example, the “Women’s and Work Service Center” in the city of Kempten and the Ober- and Ostallgäu counties saw an increase in demand, says Ilona Authried, an equal opportunities officer in Oberallgäu.

Some women, such as nurses, have ended their strength in the Corona crisis, such as school closures. “There was no reconciliation between work and family.” They are currently looking for new opportunities during counseling sessions and seminars.

The end result is not always a change in a new employee relationship. Just like with men, by the way. Over the past two years, Corona, IHK in Allgäu has seen more start-ups than ever before. In 2020, there were 4,632, and in 2021, for the first time, over 5,000.

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