Home Shopping Campaign 2022: Replacing Advertising Communities in the Neuwied District

Message from June 13, 2022

Regional advertising communities from the Neuwied district recently met at the IHK regional office to learn about the content of the 2022 home shopping campaigns and exchange ideas about planned activities. The aim is to raise awareness of the importance of local retailers, service providers and restaurateurs for quality of life.

Regional ad groups met at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to discuss plans for the home buying campaign. (Photo: private)

Neuwied district. Shop home is an image campaign of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (IHK) aimed at profiling the location and strengthening the city center and city centers. “Vibrant downtowns and city centers not only improve the quality of life for residents, but also attract visitors and potential specialists to the region. Especially after the tough months of Corona, the joint advertisement should highlight the importance of brick-and-mortar retailing and the variety of shopping options, explains Frederik Fein, IHK regional advisor for the districts of Altenkirchen and Neuwied.

Action plan “Downtown of the future”
Also this year, they want to significantly expand the campaign and are especially happy to be able to acquire members of the Chamber of Crafts. In addition, a new emphasis is placed on tourism as a regional guarantee for the revitalization of shopping streets and inner-city cities. To this end, the Koblenz Chamber of Commerce and Industry has developed an action plan known as the “Center of the City of the Future”. This includes action days, neighborhood concepts, surveys, sharing experiences and much more. The overarching goal is a stimulus for participatory inner-city development that can be equally benefited by trade, tourism and services.

“Changes in shopping and consumer behavior, as well as the crown pandemic, are having a huge impact on the central cities of the region. Now, creativity is needed to make cities bustle with life again, says Sven Klein, IHK Consultant for Urban Trade and Marketing.

Revitalization of city centers only through teamwork
The present representatives of the advertising associations agreed that the revitalization of the downtown works only in close cooperation with all downtown actors from the retail, catering and service sectors. In the future, event shopping has to be more than just bargain hunting and discount fights. The event must be in the spotlight. The goal must be to make your shopping experience a unique experience again – not only the price, but also small campaigns that flow from the heart are key.

The culmination of the initiative are annual joint action days, during which companies surprise their customers with special activities and offers, thanks to which city centers are vibrant with life. Action days will take place on September 9 and 10 this year.

Information event: “The future of cities”
On June 28, IHK Impulse Forum Downtown is devoted to the topic of “The future of downtown”. Speakers at the Impulse forum look for solutions together and look to the future as digitization and a vibrant city center are not opposites but can benefit from each other. Registration lasts until 22th June on www.ihk.de/koblenz by typing Look up the number 5421846 possible. (IN THE AFTERNOON)

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