The current crown numbers for NRW as of today, June 13, 2022.

Current Corona case numbers
RKI does not report any new infections in NRW

The crown pandemic has been occupying the country since March 2020. Authorities recently recorded 5,043 new infections in NRW. Here you will find all the current data of the Robert Koch Institute on diseases, deaths and recoveries.

Data: Corona case numbers for NRW

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), health authorities in NRW have registered 5,043 new infections in the last 24 hours. This is 5,293 cases fewer than reported last Monday, when the RKI recorded 10,336 new infections. At the same time, a new death was reported, and 15,215 other Covid patients were recorded by the RKI as having recovered.

A total of 72,354 new cases have been reported to the RKI in NRW in the last seven days. In the last week, 403.6 new infections were known per 100,000 inhabitants. Even smaller numbers were seen in the previous week when the RKI reported 58,520 new infections over seven days, corresponding to an incidence of 326.5. The medium-term trend in NRW is therefore negative, the number of corona discharge cases is increasing again.

The current data was published by RKI on Monday morning – as of June 13, 2022 at 03:01. Later changes or additions to the RKI are possible. Daily updated data is subject to strong fluctuations. For example, because fewer tests are performed on the weekend, or there may be delays in the reporting chain.

Since the outbreak in NRW, a total of 5,405,549 people have been proven infected with the coronavirus, authorities have so far recorded 25,522 deaths from Covid 19 disease. However, the Robert Koch Institute also estimates that 5,223,445 coronavirus patients have recovered.

As of today, approximately 156,582 people are still actively infected with Covid-19, a decrease of 10,173 active cases compared to the previous day. This figure is made up of the estimated number of recoveries and the confirmed number of deaths and cases.

Data: Tests and vaccinations in NRW

Since the end of December 2020, vaccinations have been used to fight the coronavirus in NRW. To date, approximately 14.6 million people have received the first dose of one of the approved vaccines. Compared to the report from the lecture, RKI counted 225 new initial vaccinations. To date, 81.6 percent of all people in NRW have been vaccinated at least once.

To ensure reliable protection against the virus, an additional dose or even a third vaccination is now required for almost all permitted vaccines. So far, around 14.18 million people in NRW are considered ‘completely protected’ by the second vaccination. Compared to the previous day, the RKI recorded 501 consecutive second vaccinations. The percentage of people with “full protection against vaccinations” in the country is 79.1 percent.

In the meantime, however, it is known that protection against vaccination with previously authorized vaccines decreases after five to six months. Therefore, the so-called “booster” vaccination has been widely available since the fall of 2021. They are intended to refresh vaccination protection. So far, 11.23 million people have received such an injection – that’s 79.2 percent. all persons considered to be ‘fully vaccinated’ so far. The RKI recorded 1,968 more booster vaccinations compared to the previous day.

At the same time, tests for the virus are ongoing in NRW. The number of weekly tests in laboratories amounted to 182.36 thousand. in calendar week 19. Of these, 73,126 were assessed as positive, which constitutes 40.1%. This is also due to the data from the RKI. Compared to the previous week, fewer people tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus. That rate was previously 43.1 percent, and 84,671 of the approximately 196,45 thousand tests were positive at the time.

Data: Severely affected regions in NRW

The most affected area in NRW is Coesfeld. In the last seven days, there have been 965.1 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The region with the lowest number of infections is Olpe, with an incidence of 228.

At least one new infection has been reported in all cities and counties in the country in the past seven days.

Data: values ​​of hospitalization and the situation in intensive care units in NRW

An important indicator for assessing a pandemic from autumn 2021 is the situation in hospitals. In the last seven days, 661 people with Covid infection have been hospitalized in NRW. The so-called hospitalization rate – number of patients per 100,000 inhabitants of the region during the week – it is currently 3.69. With a 46% increase in the number of cases compared to the previous week, the trend in hospitalizations is negative.

In clinics in NRW, 153 Covid patients are currently treated in the intensive care unit, 58 of which require ventilation. A total of 869 of the 4,791 intensive care beds are still available in domestic hospitals today.

Data: Corona virus in NRW in different age groups and sexes

Statistics show that the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the virus. But the virus has also been found in children and adolescents. Currently, the following data on infections have been recorded for different age groups:

  • Age group 0-4 years: 181,257 cases (total 3.4 percent)
  • Age group 5-14 years: 770 170 cases (total 14.2 percent)
  • Age group 15-34 years: 1,714,252 cases (total 31.7%)
  • Age group 35-59: 1,965,936 cases (total 36.4 percent)
  • Age group 60-79 years: 579,084 cases (total 10.7%)
  • Age group 80+: 184,622 cases (total 3.4 percent)
  • Missing age information: 5,112 cases (0.1 percent in total)

Meanwhile, various studies have shown that men are more prone to the severe and even fatal consequences of Covid 19 disease. RKI statistics now record more women infected in NRW. So far, the following crown values ​​have been recorded by gender:

  • Males: 2,583,812 cases (total 47.8 percent)
  • Women: 2,760,592 cases (51.1 percent overall)
  • Gender not known: 56,029 cases (1 percent in total)

Image: All data on the NRW crown pandemic

Below you will find various data visualizations from officially reported data on the crown epidemic in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Here we have collected and visualized data on the spread in Germany and around the world. From mid-April, we also publish information on the situation in the intensive care units of hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia. All data can be found here.

We also explained here how we work with the data, what other data sources we use, how often the data is updated and why unfortunately we are unable to display some of the requested data.

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