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  • The lightweight HIGH CUT / JUMP version weighs only 1.25 kg but provides effective protection against bullets and shrapnel
  • The new version of ZENTURIO for special units offers “independent” effective protection against fire from long weapons (VPAM 6)
  • A whole range of models with a completely renewed design and innovative technical features

SCHWANENSTADT, Austria i PARIS, June 13, 2022 / PRNewswire / – At the international exhibition of defense technologies Eurosatory, which is held today in Paris begins, ULBRICHTS Protection focuses on the theme “Effective head protection for soldiers”. Store– and the leader of ballistic helmet technology in the police sector at its newly designed stand (5H / 451) shows that real protection against bullets and shrapnel is also possible in the case of military requirements. In addition to the reduced weight, the latest generation of ULBRICHTS Protection titanium ballistic hybrid helmets is characterized by numerous other innovations in terms of protection, comfort and design.

Unlike the police, soldiers wear helmets for much longer. Consequently, weight has been the main selection criterion for the most commonly used aramid combat helmets so far. While they are very light and provide good protection against shrapnel, they exhibit deadly weaknesses when fired from projectiles. Because even if a projectile is stopped by a helmet shell, aramid helmets have extremely high and potentially lethal residual energy values ​​(trauma values). This energy is transferred to the head of the helmet wearer when the projectile stops and can cause fatal head injuries.

Up protection, weight down: real protection from 1.25 kg

After years of research, ULBRICHTS Protection has succeeded in bringing its titanium concept, which has been tested and tested for over 20 years, into the weight class of lightweight combat-ready helmets. The latest version of the HIGH CUT / JUMP ballistic helmet weighs only about 1.25 kg without accessories. Despite its low weight, the helmet provides effective protection against small arms fire (VPAM 3 HVN 2009 test level, injury values ​​below 25 joules). Thanks to the combination of titanium and polyethylene, HIGH CUT / JUMP also has very good protection against splashes. This technologically advanced product enables soldiers to have effective ballistic head protection in very dynamic situations and to wear it for long periods – and thus the same level of protection that is already standard in many European police units.

In addition to the extremely light HIGH CUT / JUMP, the entire range of ULBRICHTS Protection VPAM-3 helmets has also been updated. By further developing and improving the materials used, the manufacturer has managed to achieve a significant reduction in the weight of the VPAM-3 helmets without negatively affecting the protective effect of the lower weight.

Additionally, it is possible to obtain real protection against fire from long weapons with an additional forehead cover. The FORTIS module can be attached to the front shell of the helmet in a few simple steps using the Velcro surface. This means that this ultralight helmet variant is also capable of stopping fire from a Kalashnikov assault rifle with 7.62 x 39 Iron Core (MSC) ammunition and at the same time achieving damage values ​​below 25 joules (VPAM test level 6, trauma values ​​analogous to the European guideline VPAM HVN 2009 under 25 Joules). As a result, ballistics Vest protection and combat helmet are adjustable. The body and head are protected in the best possible way against various operational hazards.

New ZENTURIO for Special Forces: Real protection against long firearms without additional modules

The solution for special forces with increased requirements in terms of ballistic protection is now also available for military special units as a helmet with a high degree of protection with direct action from high to low cut. ZENTURIO, the flagship of the ULBRICHTS helmet family, has reached a new level of protection in the latest version: the VPAM 6. While the previous ZENTURIO was designed as a standard operational helmet for European special forces for protection against handguns (VPAM test level 3), the new helmet can do Stop fire from a Kalashnikov 7.62 x 39 assault rifle with Iron Core Ammunition (MSC) and simultaneously achieve trauma values ​​below 25 joules (VPAM test level 6, trauma values ​​analogous to the European VPAM HVN 2009 guidelines below 25 joules). This effectively avoids a potentially life-threatening craniocerebral trauma even in the event of such an acute military threat. In addition, the new ZENTURIO offers braking power against the NATO caliber 7.62 x 51 (.308 / M80 / NIJ III). This makes it the only helmet in its weight class on the market that offers the user comprehensive and effective protection against long-handed fire without additional shields. A real hazard that is responded to by buyers around the world by adapting their protective equipment.

More than just a look: ULBRICHTS helmets in a new design

The latest generation of ULBRICHTS Protection helmets not only offers particularly good protection results. The exterior has also been significantly improved. Protection, design and comfort have been consistently taken into account. In the future, ULBRICHTS helmets will work without the screws in the helmet shell. On the one hand, this reduces the weight, on the other hand, the effective protective surface is increased by 20 to 30 percent. Because the screws and the necessary openings are a well-known weakness in the helmet shell. In addition, when fired, they can become a dangerous secondary projectile.

All ULBRICHTS helmets have a stepless size adjustment within seconds, so they can be worn in a universal size for head sizes from 48 to 62 centimeters. The advanced inner helmet system ensures an optimally centered fit. Other features such as improved modularity and practical functions characterize the new generation. Both the in-house visors and other accessories can be installed easily and flexibly. The latest generation of helmets shows at a glance what it was created for: real protection, dynamics and functionality.

On the protection of ULBRICHTS

ULBRICHTS Protection from Schwanenstadt (Upper Austria), a division of ULBRICHTS GmbH, develops and produces ballistic helmets made of titanium and titanium hybrids. The company’s international clientele includes patrol officers, special police forces and other police units and military personnel. The company is one of the pioneers in the field of ballistic head protection and regularly sets new technical standards in terms of true protection, comfort and design.

More information: http://www.ulbrichts.com/protection/medienbereich

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The new generation of ballistic helmets from ULBRICHTS Protection

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