“We function as if we were one person”

From 2019, the band performs under the name Mountain Crew. But you’ve been making music together for over ten years. How was the band formed then?
Band Mountain Crew: Laurids, Bernie and Christoph met at school, then began making music together as a school band in their parents’ basement. So we started out as a classic school band and we never thought we would be on TV later and play over 100 shows a year.

100 concerts a year, is it already routine, is each concert different?
Yes, there are procedures. First of all, all five of us are very in tune with each other. You can see it on stage, of course, but also outside of it. We function as if we were one person. But the performances themselves are always different and bring with them new challenges but also special moments. This is beauty. Each performance is something special.

How would you describe your musical style?
Anyway, we have a good atmosphere and a party. We mix the alpine sound of our harmonica with live drums and rock guitar.

Are you a purebred musician?
Yes, since we were kids. We cannot imagine our life without music.

Philipp Rafetseder has been with us since 2017. How did he join the team?
Soon after Philipp won the Mister Austria elections, we became aware of Philipp and his wonderful and unique voice. As Philipp is also from Upper Austria, we just met him in the rehearsal room and started playing. It was perfect right away and Philipp has been in the team since then.

In 2021 you performed at “Supertalent”. How do you remember the show?
It was definitely one of the highlights of our career so far. At first, we were totally upset with how our mix of folk music and alpine rock would be received in Germany and especially by the jury. There has never been anything like this in “Supertalent” before. But fortunately the audience was on our side from the first note, and then all four members of the jury hit the green buzzer.

Do you have a pre-show or stage ritual?
We don’t have a special ritual, but we like to have a beer before the show. (everyone laughs)

You’ve already written some songs yourself. How do you get inspiration?
The best ideas always come to us in the breaks between performances. It is possible that our Philip is somewhere in the mountains and suddenly a melody comes to his mind. Or that our Reini is cruising our mountain passes on a motorcycle and suddenly thinks about the title of the song for another party hit.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Liechtenstein?
Beautiful scenery, good beer and friendly, cozy people.

You are now on the road more than 100 times a year in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. And on Saturday you did Ruggell, Florida. Was this your first performance in Liechtenstein?
Yes, that’s right, we’ve passed through Liechtenstein a few times or played in the immediate vicinity. However, we had our first gig directly in Liechtenstein on Friday and we were really looking forward to it.

What are your next music projects?
We are currently busy writing our own songs and some TV shows are already being planned. We always have all the news on our Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook social channels.

How has your music developed or changed in the last few years?
Of course, times change and so does music. Everything just sounds a little more modern. But it’s important never to forget which songs people have been singing for decades and which bring them the most joy. You should never leave this direction entirely. You can change a bit, but the most important thing is that fans continue to enjoy it.

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