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In summer, fruit flies often wander in the kitchen. But with a simple trick, you can get rid of insects quickly.

Kassel – With the advent of summer, fruit flies appear in the kitchen. In warm months, they like to nest in fruit. Another problem is that small flies often reproduce explosively and can therefore quickly become a real burden.

Although small animals are not dangerous and do not transmit disease, they are quickly frustrating. Because understandably most people do not find it particularly appetizing when flies scratch around delicious fruit or even eat it. Fortunately, however, there are several home remedies that provide a quick remedy for pests. These tips don’t take much time or money.

Get rid of fruit flies: With these home remedies, you can set a trap yourself

Insects, which are only about two to three millimeters in size, are attracted by the smell of ripe fruit and smell it from a distance. If you keep the fruit in the refrigerator, at least make sure that the fruit does not ripen too quickly and therefore smells less intense. In addition, packaged vegetables and fruits also mature more slowly.

Fruit flies like to eat fruit and are real pests. But a few tips help you fight small insects effectively. © Fredrik von Erichsen / dpa

If you don’t want to buy all your fresh food wrapped in foil for the sake of the environment, you can also wrap your goods in kitchen towels. However, it is important that the fruit is packaged in an airy and leaky manner, otherwise it may dry out.

The Öko-Test consumer magazine recommends, among other things, an effective trap for fruit flies. Appropriate remedies are also available in stores, but with these tips you can easily save money and use proven home remedies instead.

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Fruit fly control: how it works without chemicals

Just mix two tablespoons of water with three tablespoons of fruit juice, one tablespoon of vinegar, a little sugar, and a few drops of dish soap to create an effective fruit fly trap. While vinegar and juice make flies much like fruit, dishwashing liquid destroys surface tension. As a result, fruit flies cannot hold the fluid – and drown.

Additional Tips: It is recommended to pour the mixture into a small, shallow bowl. This is to prevent the liquid from accumulating and solidifying at the edge. Otherwise, according to the Öko-Test, there is a risk that fruit flies will remain on the safe side and not fall into the trap. The fluid should be changed approximately every two to three days.

With the help of the bait, you can quickly get rid of fruit flies – e.g. old fruit

If, understandably, you prefer to catch small pests alive, there are also alternative tips. This involves placing a bait such as a banana peel or other fruit in a bowl. This is then covered with cling film. In order for the foil to stretch and not loosen, it is worth additionally fastening the whole thing with an elastic band.

Then a few small holes are punched in the foil – a needle or a drawing pin are ideal for this. As a result, fruit flies can get into the bowl but cannot fly out. Once you have caught as many fruit flies as possible, you can simply release the small animals at a safe distance from your own home.

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Tips to Get Rid of Fruit Flies: Only buy fruit in moderation and use it quickly

By the way, the plague of fruit flies has nothing to do with poor hygiene. Because small insects, also known as fruit, vinegar or fruit flies, feel especially comfortable at higher temperatures and then begin to reproduce. They lay their eggs in fruit baskets or garbage cans, as leftovers can often be found there. The first larvae hatch after just 14 days. They are so small that they are often not visible with the naked eye.

Incidentally, tips and traps are often not even necessary if the fruit is bought in small quantities and eaten as quickly as possible. In addition, fruit should be kept in the refrigerator if possible, especially if they have dents or scratches.

Open drinks should also be rinsed, sealed and disposed of quickly. Regarding disposal, household waste should also be disposed of more frequently in the summer. Because going to the garbage can is less annoying than the real plague of fruit flies. (Nail Akkoyun) In addition to fruit flies, mosquitoes are also real pests. A few tips show you how to keep little flies out of the potting soil.

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