Andreas Gabalier tells the media: “I am exhibited”

  • According to his own statements, Andreas Gabalier had to be scolded recently as a “critic of the measures”.
  • In an interview with our editors, the Austrian commented on the allegations.
  • He is also talking about his “media backpack” and album “A New Beginning”, which will be released on June 17th.

Mr. Gabalier, “A New Beginning” – that’s the name of your new album. Should this be understood as an allusion to the Crown period, or does the title bear autobiographical features?

Andreas Gabalier: For me, my new decade starts with the seventh album. But I also work during a pandemic. A very positive, forward-looking album has emerged – coupled with the underlying message that it’s finally time to start over and life needs to pick up pace. We have seen in America how this can work.

You want to bring the motto “Back To Live” that you brought from America with you to the stage. How?

This applies primarily to the freedom and joy we felt during our stay in the USA. There was no feeling of this pandemic. It was life in full bloom – and there were no masks either. But I have to be careful when I say it. After all, I burned myself with it once on the “Giovanni Zarrella Show” …

What was your original intention on the Zarrell show?

My experiences in the USA simply filled me with optimism and optimism. If concerts can be held in sold-out arenas in America in winter, it should be possible here in summer as well. At least I hope so, that’s what I wanted to express. But then I had to let the media scold me for criticizing the measures.

Andreas Gabalier: “I really have a very nice relationship with Giovanni”

Giovanni Zarrella then classified your “America Comparison” with the words “All in good time.” I think we are doing it quite wisely. ” Did you blame him?

Not at all. He probably did it too. He also has his little radio in his ear. I really have a very loving relationship with Giovanni. Maybe it was misunderstood at the moment. By the way, I did not mean it as a criticism of the German measures, but rather in a completely neutral way. At this point, the situation was different: the mask requirement in Austria had already been lifted, in Germany the people were and are a little more careful, charmingly speaking. I understand all this, it does not offend me at all. I assume that we will be able to smile about it soon anyway …

Could you also smile at the fact that you were recently celebrated by the audience in the “Garden of TV ZDF” and you had to endure a storm on social media the day after?

I just find it sad and unprofessional that journalism has moved in this direction.

Which direction do you mean?

Well, of course, a few negative Twitter comments make headlines. It was completely forgotten that there were thousands of positive votes, and the multi-million audience enjoyed the performance. And that is really important to me. You have to put everything in proper perspective. I also ask myself: do we have completely different problems in the world? I would like to be more careful when dealing with myself.

Is it different in the US?

Yes, this form of disrespect for the media doesn’t exist there.

Gabalier: “I know the reality is different”

Have you ever thought about turning your back on the German-speaking world?

No, I wouldn’t think of it in relation to the status quo – certainly not because of such trifles. All of this is staged in the media. I can rise above it because I know the reality is different. The fans flock to me and my concerts and have a smile on their face when they see me.

Does this fan approval give you satisfaction?

That’s why I do it all. The concerts are packed, we sell millions of records and make people smile.

Why do you think you are so often misunderstood in this country?

I’m not misunderstood, I’m staged – by some editors who don’t want me to be good. But I am beginning to get the feeling that this is part of my success story. This multimedia backpack is clearly “part of the game” for me. I don’t take these things too seriously and I don’t take myself too seriously.

Doesn’t that annoy you? You are also only human …

I think it’s a pity that the media often use it unprofessionally. I’m always looking for something negative. But look: the wind in the face of a few journalists even gave me a backward wind.

What are you doing to make sure you are properly understood as a musician – also in relation to your album where you also refer to the pandemic?

First of all, I made good use of the time that I never had as much as with this production and paid a lot of attention to the composition. I liked it very much. I think you can feel it while listening to the album. And yes, I am also devoted to dealing with the pandemic in terms of content, for example in “Neuer Wind” and “Einneuer Beginning” or in poems like “Every time and every hero has his wounds.” But of course there will also be “Old Traditional Gabalier” and “Party Gabalier”. I have probably never had such a colorful album before. I like to brag about it because I am 100% satisfied with each title (laughs).

“I don’t want to miss the joy of life”

Looks like you’re also applying for the Oktoberfest hit of the year. What is the title “Iron your dirndl smartly”?

Yes, logically – it’s time for a dirndle dress again. I don’t want to miss the joy of life. “Hulapalu” and other, often ambiguous, party songs have become my greatest hits. I have been waiting for the Oktoberfest hit three times already.

How much pressure is there after two number 1 albums in a row in Germany?

Not big at all, because nowadays the position of the graph does not matter at all. It’s just a number. The impacts on pricing are so different now – from TikTok to streaming to sold boxes. It also plays a role when you release and what other artists are releasing during this phase.

Do record companies find this as relaxed as you are?

Number one can mean a lot to a lot of record companies, but I don’t have that ego problem. Funnily enough, my singles never made it to the top, so my career path was a bit unusual in that regard. A healthy and strong foundation is the basis.

And a strong back to carry a heavy, mediumistic backpack?

Wearing a backpack made my shoulders stronger (laughs). As long as there is joy in life, everything else must be hidden. There are people who go through life in a bad mood and look for the negatives. I don’t belong. My mission is to give hope, support and strength with songs like “Amoi seg ‘ma uns wieder”. Since the death of my little sister and father, I have been very effective in suppressing everything else. Arnold Schwarzenegger once advised me: “Stay away from energy vampires.”

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