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EcoGraf Limited: A German research institute confirms the properties of recycled graphite

06/14/2022 / 11:15
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June 14, 2022

A German research institute confirms the properties of recycled graphite

EcoGrafs HFfree-cleaned graphite from spent lithium-ion batteries ensures the electrochemical performance of the newly produced graphite of a commercial battery

EcoGraf Limited (EcoGraf or this Business) (ASX: EGR; Frankfurt: FMK; OTCQX: ECGFF) is pleased to announce the positive results of a research program at the Helmholtz Institute in Germany, which uses EcoGraf’s proprietary HF-free processing technology to clean graphite particles after use. Lithium-ion batteries were used.

EcoGraf contributed to the research program with its ecologically improved process that does not require highly toxic hydrofluoric acid (HFfree), and treated the recovered graphite particles to meet battery quality requirements. A German government sponsored program then compared the electrochemical performance of EcoGraf processed graphite without HF to a range of commercial battery graphite products.

Tests have confirmed that the electrochemical properties of EcoGraf HFfree recycled graphite are equivalent to those of a completely new commercial anode graphite.

These results further validate the effectiveness of the EcoGraf HFfree purification process in producing high-performance battery graphite as well as the reuse of recycled anode material for anodes, batteries and electric vehicles. The company is currently developing the world’s first HF-free anode material factory in Western Australia. This study demonstrates the benefits of adding EcoGraf HFfree process technology to graphite recycling.

EcoGraf believes that this recyclability will fundamentally change the dynamics of the battery supply chain and lead to a significant reduction in CO2emissions and reduction of the total cost of battery production. The company is uniquely positioned to meet the European Commission’s lithium-ion battery recycling requirements and will support the global battery industry in optimizing its supply chain and moving to efficient circular production.

The research program was carried out in Germany as part of the cooperation between the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and the Helmholtz Institute Ulm. On Monday, June 13, 2022, Anna Vanderbruggen presented the results at the Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC Europe).

The conference is the leading forum for battery technologists from major car manufacturers and their key suppliers to explore development trends and breakthrough technologies that are shaping the future of vehicle electrification.

Anna Vanderbruggen is a recognized expert in the field of anode recycling at the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology. Her research interests focus on the joint recovery of lithium and graphite oxides from lithium-ion batteries.

Works with EcoGraf to optimize HF-free cleaning technology to recycle a range of lithium-ion battery anode materials.

Her presentation for ABCC Europe is available on the Researchgate website at the following link:


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About EcoGraf

EcoGraf is building a diversified battery anode materials business to manufacture high purity graphite products for lithium-ion batteries and advanced manufacturing markets. To date, more than $ 30 million has been invested in building two very attractive, growth-ready businesses.

The new state-of-the-art EcoGraf processing plant in Western Australia will manufacture spherical graphite products for export to Asia, Europe and North America. An excellent, environmentally responsible, HF-free cleaning technology is used, providing customers with a sustainable, high-performance graphite battery anode. The battery graphite production base will also be expanded in due course with additional facilities in Europe and North America to support the global transition to clean, renewable energy in the coming decade.

In addition, the groundbreaking recovery of graphite from recycled batteries using the company’s EcoGraf purification process will enable the recycling industry to reduce battery waste and reuse recycled graphite, thereby improving battery life cycle efficiency.

To complement the Battery Graphite business, EcoGraf is also expanding the TanzGraphite Natural Flake Graphite business, starting with the Epanko graphite project, which will provide additional feed to nodular graphite processing plants and provide customers with a long-term, guaranteed supply of high-quality graphite product promises for industrial applications such as refractories, carburizers and lubricants.

To view the Phase 1 video of EcoGraf’s new HF-free BAM facility, visit:


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