In the spotlight: the new university branch in Babelsberg – Brandenburg

Potsdam – HSD Hochschule Döpfer opens another private health-oriented educational institution in Potsdam. The facility has recently moved to its headquarters in Babelsberg Weberpark and will initially offer two courses there from the winter term. Professor Karin Kohlstedt, the rector of the university, which already has two locations in Regensburg and Cologne, announced that she initially wants to start a part-time undergraduate degree in medical education and applied therapeutic science. Up to eight additional courses at the university are to be built in Potsdam over the next five years.

A private educational institution initially rented approximately 240 square meters of office space in Weberpark. They are to be built there, among others two lecture rooms for monthly face-to-face meetings, a reference library, waiting rooms for students and offices for employees. But HSD apparently has bigger plans, as Kohlstedt explained: “Further rapid expansion and expansion of the location was an option from the start.” Extending ”the range of courses that can be beaten. Potsdam should “become the largest HSD site in the short term, not the long term,” she explained.

Search for employees

Currently looking for employees, incl. to the administrative area of ​​the new HSD university location. Scientific supervision will initially be provided to existing employees of the two remaining HSD locations in Regensburg and Cologne, who were the first to agree to travel here.

Potsdam is the first location of the HSD Döpfer Group in eastern Germany. In addition to private offers from universities, since 2014 in Cologne and Regensburg, since 2017, HSD has been running schools for therapeutic professions and academies for training in the health and social work sector for over 30 years.

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According to President Kohlstedt, Potsdam’s choice as the third university location was due to “the rapidly developing university landscape in the health sector, excellent universities and non-university research institutions in the federal state.” But Potsdam also fared well due to its proximity to Berlin and good infrastructure links to the region’s rural areas to the north and east.

The lack of a state offer to study medicine in Brandenburg was not a factor in the decision making. As is well known, independent medical training is only just emerging in Cottbus. Two billion euros are in the pot for structural strengthening in coal regions. A faculty with around 80 professors is planned at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU), called the Innovation Center of Cottbus University Medicine (IUC), together with the Cottbus Carl Thiem Clinic.

HSD focuses on this

In 2018, a health science department was established in Neuruppin as part of a nationwide collaboration between the University of Potsdam, BTU and the private Brandenburg School of Medicine, as no doctors had been trained in Brandenburg so far. But now it is on the verge of failure again as funds have been cut.

HSD, on the other hand, focuses on the academic training of non-medical medical staff with its range of courses, as reported by PNN. The non-professional offer also consists in cooperation with appropriate employers of students, but also in cooperation with other educational institutions. “We look forward to working with state and non-state universities, educational institutions, doctors’ offices and health care institutes in Brandenburg,” says University director Kohlstedt.

Focus on health, sports and business

Potsdam strengthens its academic concentration with the creation of the eighth private continuing education institution in the university sector. New HSD University at Babelsberger Weberpark offers part-time Courses in the health and social work sector and intends to develop further in the coming years.

It is also active in the health sector University of Health and Medicine, which has its campus inside the airship port. According to my description, two faculties offer medical studies with a state examination and several undergraduate and graduate programs in health care.

Also Higher Vocational School of Sports and Management in Potsdam sitting in the port of the airship. The private educational offer offers dual and non-vocational courses in sports and health management and sports sciences.

Private Clara Hoffbauer University of Applied Sciences The Hoffbauer Foundation in Hermannswerder offers undergraduate degrees in the social fields of action. All courses are dual, i.e. with practical work components.

this European University of Applied Sciences (EU) has a so-called EU Innovation Center on the SAP Think Campus site in Jungfernsee, in addition to several locations in Germany. the neighbor is hers Gisma Business SchoolBachelor’s and Master’s degree programs are offered in the common location, which meet the requirements of the economy and combine science with the creative and technological industries.

this XU Lecturer University of Applied Sciences advertises itself as the first German university to deal with digitization and technology. Babelsberg’s continuing education facility offers five Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in digital, marketing and science. All private colleges and universities have one thing in common: charge for your coursessome of which must be paid monthly and some per semester. They are separate for financing Loans, including grants are offered.

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