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Trial against the secretary of a concentration camp – Australian survivors as witnesses

A concentration camp survivor, Stutthof, testified in the Itzehoe County Court on Tuesday. Halina Strnad, who lives in Melbourne, reported via a video link about widespread violence against prisoners and about how her mother and many other prisoners died of typhus. The dead were burned in a pit, they learned from fellow prisoners. She couldn’t imagine how it was possible not to know what was going on when the stench of a burnt corpse wafted all the time. Halina Strnad has already testified against a former SS guard in Stutthof in another trial in Hamburg in early 2020. In Itzehoe, 97-year-old Irmgard F was charged. As a civilian employee at the headquarters of a German concentration camp, she allegedly helped in the systematic murder of more than 11,000 prisoners through her paperwork. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/14/2022 15:00

The man brings Howler in a plastic bag to the seal station

A man from North Frisia found an abandoned young seal on the island of Neuwerk and took it by train in a plastic bag to the seal station in Friedrichskoog. This was first reported by the publisher of the Schleswig-Holstein newspaper. Consequently, the man discovered a howler in the middle of the Wadden Sea. Without informing the authorities, he wrapped the seal in a plastic bag and traveled on several regional trains to North Frisia. He parked the car at the train station in Lunden, from where he continued on to Friedrichskoog. At the seal station, he just stuffed a shuffle into the hands of two women. They immediately informed the station staff, which quickly took care of the Howler. In this case, the story had a happy ending, and the man probably saved the Howler ‘s life. However, the seal station urgently advises against such relief efforts. A walker discovering abandoned seals should under no circumstances touch the animals, but inform the nearest seal hunter through the police. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/14/2022 12:00

Court: District council elections may be held in Steinburg County

The Higher Administrative Court of Schleswig paves the way for the election of a new district staroste in the Steinburg district. A member of the AfD district council with an urgent motion wanted to prevent elections scheduled for Thursday. He already accused the district council of a lack of transparency when former district mayor Torsten Wendt was dismissed last year and complained about the procedure. Now he demanded: First, a decision must be made on his complaint for dismissal, only then can a new starost be elected. The higher administrative court rejected it as a matter of urgency. According to the reasoning, the court may also decide on the claim after the election. But it would probably be ineffective. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/14/2022 08:30

Hunters save deer from mowers

In recent weeks, hunters from the Tellingstedt Youth Rescue Association (Dithmarschen County) have searched the fields many times for calves. They often hide in tall grass and are therefore endangered during the mowing season. In total, hunters managed to save more than 300 calves this year, as well as young rabbits, ducks and pheasant broods from lawnmowers. According to the president of the club, Axel Claussen, this time the rescue operation was particularly effective. Rescuers found 71 calves in neighboring Dellstedt and Osterrade (both in the district of Dithmarschen). The second cut will begin in two weeks, and then the hunters will be back in action. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/14/2022 08:30

Farmer’s Day in Lübeck

Today begins the national farmer’s day in Lübeck. Until tomorrow, around 1,000 farmers will discuss the future of agriculture and the effects of the crisis in Ukraine. It is also about the term “builder of the future”. According to Joachim Becker, Chairman of the District Farmers’ Union in Steinburg, the farmer of the future must absorb and actively shape changes in society. The farmers in Schleswig-Holstein are on the right track. For him, it is about exchanging out-of-the-box thinking with other farmers. Calls on the new Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir (Greens) to open up to new ways of thinking. For Hans-Jürgen Henßen, Managing Director of the Dithmarschen Regional Farmers’ Union, communication with citizens is an important issue. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/14/2022 08:30

Corona regional update

According to the state registration office (as of June 13), the krona incidence in the Dithmarschen district is 789.5. 613.8 were reported for the North Friesland constituency. Steinburg County has the lowest incidence in the country (437.6). In Schleswig-Holstein, the incidence is 688.9. | NDR Schleswig-Holstein 06/14/2022 08:30

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