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Can the movie be too funny? In any case, FILMSTARTS editor Julius Vietzen thinks Thor 3 will be a disaster. Because numerous gags come at the expense of tension and drama. Time to change that, Marvel!

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I laughed as did most of the attendees at Thor 3: Day of Truth’s press presentation, but it left an increasingly annoying aftertaste that didn’t fade for days. On the contrary: in the meantime, I can barely remember a specific gag from Thor 3, but looking back, this stupid humor irritates me all the more. Here’s a request to Kevin Feige and other creative minds in the MCU: Please less slapstick in the near future and more excitement and action instead!

Not that I don’t like to laugh in the movies. But when I see a comic book hit, I hope for some things: certainly a healthy dose of humor, but also crushing action, steadfast heroes, a dose of aspiration and a pinch of pathos. I don’t just want to laugh, I also want to be excited, excited, touched and get the goosebumps. But Thor 3 is far from there.

This is due to the slapstick tone of the film, which in our review of FILMSTARTS we reduce to a simple formula: “Apparently a dramatic situation slowly comes to mind – and then is suddenly ironically interrupted by an inappropriate comment or gesture of the protagonist. Even if the gags are brilliantly written and the comedic timing of the actors around Chris Hemsworth is perfect: there’s never tension or even drama.

Fun duo “Thor 3” for more MCU performances

While the MCU has always presented a more humorous tone than its direct competition in DC, the near-obsessive jokes have increasingly annoyed me lately. That in First Avenger: Civil War, the jokes are broken again immediately after their dramatic climax (keyword: “Tony Stank‘) or that Benedict Cumberbatch first appeared in full mage attire in Doctor Strange, it was his whimsical cloak must be interrupted by a blink, I consider it completely unnecessary. At the same time, the balance of action, drama and humor in both films remained generally intact. And even in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, in which James Gunn, like Taika Waititi in Thor 3, most ironically breaks the nascent seriousness and relies more on humor than suspense when in doubt. overall it seems more rounded – also because there are some serious, dramatic moments with a big heart in the last third part.

There isn’t much to see or feel in Thor 3. The story offers enough dramatic potential, after all, it’s just like the original title “Thor: Ragnarok‘means nothing less than the Norse twilight of the gods. But because of the stupid tone and the constant fire of jokes, he almost shrugs his shoulders at the numerous deaths or destruction of Asgard. And the fact that Bruce Banner is sacrificing himself to some extent and re-becoming the Hulk to save his friends isn’t marketed as a dramatic scene, but as another gag.

But in reality, the problem is even deeper: Thor 3 not only lacks the balanced mix of humor, action, drama, and aspiration that has characterized MCU movies so far. First of all, the slapstick humor and disrespectful tone of voice do not match the title character. Depicted as a fearless, cocky warrior, the Thunder God received a lesson in humility and selflessness in Thor and struggled with his dual roles as heir to the throne of Asgard and defender of Earth and himself in Thor 2 and his Avengers cameos torn between his family and his lover Jane (Natalie Portman ). The character’s cheerfulness was due to his cocky arrogance and otherworldly character, but this never obscured his internal conflicts. In Taiki Waititi’s interpretation, this well-defined character unique to the MCU becomes an adolescent nosy freak who argues with Hulk about who is the strongest Avenger and an inappropriately stupid prankster who differs from other moody MCU heroes such as Star-Lord ( Chris Pratt), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) only differ in hairstyle and shoulder size.

This is behind the superstar episodes in Thor 3

Of course, the “Thor” movies can be fun too, in the first part the thunder god, unfamiliar with earthly customs, made people laugh with some successful fish moments, in the second the sight of Thor riding the subway in full riot gear. But it was a situational comedy, Thor’s character has always been quite serious. And of course Thor 3 is a hugely fun movie experience. But at the latest, when the thunder god in Avengers 3: Infinity War re-mixes with his superhero colleagues, Marvel now faces a problem: how does this new Thor fit in with the Avengers’ previously balanced group dynamics? Is he one of the pranksters now? There is actually enough of this. Or would you then let him roll backwards and turn him back into the rather tragic, torn hero he was before, so that he would be different from and counterbalanced from Iron Man and company? I find both of them unsatisfactory.

Here it points to a disturbing trend that Marvel has skillfully celebrated in their MCU so far: where so far almost no movie (or superhero) resembled the other and in order not to get bored, scenes from different genres were experimented with – a buddy comedy in “Iron Man 3 “, The heist movie in” Ant-Man “, the political thriller in” Return of the First Avenger “- in” Thor 3 “sometimes it seems that you wanted to use the successful formula of two” Guardians “Of The Galaxy” – regardless of that, that their humor, both ironic and stupid, only works in conjunction with the quirky characters and unique group dynamics of the Guardians.

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This synchronization cannot be in the interest of those responsible for the MCU, because sooner or later the cinema universe built with great effort will be destroyed. And even if you are entertained by the fun new thunder god at the beginning: in the long run, one viewer or the other will lose interest in superhero movies. Well, Marvel: No more blinking and beware of the slapstick mishmash! From now on, I want films that alternately impress me, touch me and make me laugh. Then the established figures no longer have to be bent to fit the new concept.

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