ÖFB disappointment after 0-2: “It’s not fun for any athlete” – football – ÖFB national team

In fact, the ÖFB team would deserve a more positive ending.

The performances in the last three games have been too convincing, but in 0-2 in Denmark Ralf Rangnick’s side showed the limits on all lines.

“The result is fine. We did not manage to match the performance of the first three games on the pitch today. We had our problems today, especially in the tactical area, ”the 63-year-old German had to do after the game. sober course to admit completion.

“The match plan was the same as in the previous games, but today we just had problems with 3-4-3, securing on time and boldly pushing forward in time. As a result, we arrived too late. goals conceded in a similar way. “

“I just have to admit that the Danes were better”

The Xaver Schlager long distance runner was one of the few players to get up after the final whistle and appear before the media. The Wolfsburg legionnaire was also more euphoric but was still able to judge the performance well.

– After such a defeat, one has to openly and honestly admit that the Danes were better. Then you are on the right track, the midfielder admitted.

After the bitter departure, Rangnick gathered the players directly in the dressing room and gave a speech directed in that direction.

“That we were a worse team and that the Danes deserved the victory, but that we have to continue. And he wished us a nice holiday” – revealed Schlager.

The match plan did not work

It was also a bitter evening for defender Gernot Trauner, who saw from behind that the existing advantages could not be put into practice.

After all, it was team unity, especially in play with the ball, but the Danes found way too much free space and could practically switch and do whatever they wanted.

“We wanted to put a lot of pressure on them, but we couldn’t always find our way and the Danes knew how to separate us and cover long distances in the rear. It was a very mature performance for the Danes, they were a better team in many ways, ”the Feyenoord defender had to admit.

His neighbor Kevin Danso also said that this time Austria was far from fully implementing the match plan. It was severely punished.

50:50 duels are crucial for Schlager

Schlager made this clear after losing 50:50, which allowed the game to lean towards the hosts early and gave them a boost.

“I don’t think anything went wrong, but we weren’t even. It wasn’t a physical problem, they just got better. They won the matches 50-50, we lost, so they kept overwhelming us and we have big problems ”- explained the blond.

“When you lose a duel, your opponent gains confidence. You usually fall off, then he does it right the next time, and they realize things that don’t normally come out. Then they go up and we spiral down. This way we are overweight. “

Danso said: “We played well, but it wasn’t enough to win the game. We didn’t have enough chances to even play a game. “

The Danes have become absolutely terrifying opponents

In fact, the ÖFB team was harmless on the offensive, they could barely field the attackers, and after getting the ball, they gave the balls away too quickly and hastily lost them again. So little was connected both offensively and defensively.

“We saw that we only have a chance to decide matches ourselves and play on an equal footing against such opponents when everything works down to the smallest detail,” concluded Rangnick.

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He openly admits that the Danes have great potential. Although they lost deservedly this time, the victory should be possible at home in Vienna.

In fact, the European Championship semi-finalist has proven to be an absolutely terrifying opponent to Austria over the past four and a half years, with five wins in five matches and an 11-1 goal difference.

“Denmark is not just any team. They came a long way in the last tournament and they didn’t just show it against us. They are simply the best team. They are a real unit, a real team, and they always have a clear plan. They were just better than us in some parts, ”Trauner paid tribute to his opponent.

“We were all on the border”

Stress or not – four games in eleven days were certainly exhausting after a long, intense season, and yet the opponents had the same starting position.

“We were all on the limit. Some players have played all their games up to this point. It shows somewhere. But that shouldn’t and shouldn’t be an excuse, it was no different with the Danes. In some of the duels, the Danes were more present, so you had the impression that today it is not always possible to put pressure on them and become dangerous – Trauner admitted.

Due to the failures, the team leader had to be inventive again in the last performance in June. You finally noticed it.

“Nevertheless, we still had a team on the pitch that could be competitive, but against such opponents, the devil is in the details and we didn’t do things as well today as we did in previous games. It certainly has something to do with mental and physical freshness, says Rangnick.

“But in the end the question is always: do you have a sense of achievement in the game? Can you get the ball? Do you win the second balls? What happens when we have possession? This time we were not clean and precise enough even when we were in possession of the ball. “

“Everyone knows we can do better”

So the disappointment was great. The hanging heads could still be seen on the pitch and also as the team bus left the stadium.

Schlager explained: “Everyone is disappointed. Everyone is sitting inside and they know we can do better, but we couldn’t get it back. “

The ÖFB team could not only set an example in the table but also leave a lasting impression. “This is only the last game of the season. They always say you pause with the last impression, now you take a break of a few weeks plus prepare for your next competitive match and you always get the taste that you lost 0-2. It is not funny for any athlete, ”admitted Schlager.

After the June course, there is always time for a summary. First of all, it is about learning from sometimes naive mistakes. For now, however, fans only think about holidays and they really deserve it.

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