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“Deppublication” – that’s what many payers do not understand: ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio call it: audio and video recordings from public service broadcasters often disappear online after days or weeks. Broadcasters have been legally obliged to do so, but would like to abolish the so-called The “seven-day rule” and similar time limits.

What to do? If you have a TV set, you can choose the classic version and record programs yourself, using modern devices using a USB flash drive or hard drive. The image quality is then better than in media libraries.

Public service broadcasters have now also developed a range of applications for iOS and Android devices. The application can also be used to call up the content of multimedia libraries. Often the same rules apply as in the media, for example a “crime scene” is usually available for 30 days. If you want, you can still find ways to listen to or watch post-broadcast content. However, sometimes it requires little technical knowledge.

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1. Subscribe to shows as podcasts

Some of the content from public broadcasters is offered as a podcast. You can subscribe to podcasts, for example using iTunes or mobile applications like Soundcloud: unlike media libraries, new shows are downloaded directly and you can still listen or watch them months or years later. There is a wide variety of podcasts in the radio realm, but there are also select TV shows (from the mouse program to the Neo Magazin Royale) as podcasts.

2. View of the media library

If you want to save programs on your computer, you can use the free Mediathekview software. Can be used to call up the content of German-language public media libraries – from Arte to WDR. Once installed, the program checks a list of all currently available TV programs in your media libraries. The content can then be saved to your computer with one click.

In some cases it happens in real time. This means, for example, it takes 43 minutes to download a 43-minute documentary. However, it is faster for most shipments. You can also subscribe to recurring programs. As soon as there is a new episode, the program will download it. If you have some computer knowledge and a modern router, you can connect a hard drive or USB stick to the router and make it available on the local network. Programs downloaded by Mediathekview are stored on it and can be played on modern TVs via the network.

3. Specialized search engines and blogs

However, with Mediathekview, it’s not very convenient to search for content and discover interesting programs. Review pages do better. In Vavideo, advanced search is very practical as you can filter by channel, program length and date there. You can create lists of favorites and subscribe to programs there. The website itself doesn’t display videos, but typically uploads them to broadcasters’ media libraries.

While Vavideo is mainly limited to public broadcasters, also displays the content of private broadcasters. Filtering, subscribing and creating lists are also extensive here – after creating a user account.

If you are looking for curated film and TV recommendations instead of a large database of programs, Mediasteak is the place for you. A team of six authors from a blog in Potsdam scan channels and other sources for high-quality content and oversee the compilation on the site.

4. Online video recorder

Instead of programming recording on your own TV, you can also sign up with sites like Save-TV, Onlinetvrecorder, and other services. Planned recordings can be programmed there via the web interface. Shortly after being broadcast in a regular program, users can download the programs as video files to their computers.

For example, Save-TV has around 40 channels, mostly German-language, but only content from public services is available in HD quality. There is also an “all-catch” function, with which you can record the entire program of all stations.

Online video recorders are usually paid. However, with Save-TV you won’t even get DVD or HD quality in the simplest payment plan. If that’s what you want, and you also want to take advantage of automatic TV ad removal, sometimes you have to dig deep into your pocket. Note: Many online video recorders have a subscription model that is extended for several months or a year after the free trial period.

Claus Hesseling is a freelance journalist for business and consumer editorials for TV and Radio (WDR, NDR) and a media trainer specializing in online journalism.

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