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Bonn (dpa / lnw) – Defeat for clinics, wind in the back for workers: Calls for strikes from the Verdi union at Bonn University Hospital (UKB) are still allowed. The Bonn Labor Court rejected an urgent request for an injunction from the hospital, a court spokeswoman for the German Press Agency said on Tuesday. Through strikes, the union has been putting pressure on collective bargaining negotiations for weeks to ease the burden on workers. But there is no agreement.

Thanks to the ad hoc legal protection procedure, the university clinic wanted Verdi not to be able to summon the clinic employees to strike by June 17. From the point of view of the management of the clinic, the employee dispute that has been ongoing for weeks violates, inter alia, the duty of peace and is illegal. From a medical point of view and in the interest of patients, the continuation of strikes is not justified, the clinic justified the legal initiative.

However, the labor court did not want to agree with this view and thus strengthened the right of workers to strike. The strikers’ demands were “sufficiently justified,” said the vice president. Patient care is secured by ambulance contracts with clinics, which ensures proportionality. There is also no violation of the “relative peace obligation” on the part of the union and strikers.

Therefore, prof. Wolfgang Holzgreve, medical director and chairman of UKB, was disappointed. You would prefer a different decision. “We will therefore check whether we can appeal the judgment. Regardless, talks with Verdi about an amicable solution to the relief of nursing staff will continue in the hope of a constructive solution, ”the head of the clinic promised.

Verdi now sees its empowered position: “The management of the clinic should take a decision as an opportunity to end a confrontational course with its own employees and ensure good collective bargaining at the negotiating table to relieve the staff,” said Verdi country manager Gabriele. Schmidt. Employees “do not understand the legal tricks and intimidation at all.” The basic right to strike also applies to hospitals.

The union argued that the relevant regulations for emergency services did not jeopardize the care of patients in an emergency. “Every day, on-site strike leaders ensure that all emergencies are resolved. Therefore, we will continue the strikes – noticeably and responsibly. Until an acceptable agreement is reached, ”announced Schmidt.

On the other hand, directors of trauma surgery clinics see emergency aid in their ability to act as “very handicapped,” the German Society for Traumatic Surgery (DGU) announced on Tuesday. “If the strikes continue, regions in North Rhine-Westphalia are in danger of collapsing.” In the meantime, more than 300 interventions on trauma patients have been rejected or transferred to other facilities or supervisors pending the strike. Six leading university doctors and professors addressed Verdi directly in an open letter, calling for “a swift, mutually agreed withdrawal of drastic strike measures during the ongoing negotiations.”

For months, Verdi has been demanding better working conditions for nursing staff from six university hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia and wants to negotiate a collective agreement not only for those directly involved in nursing, but also for other workers, for example in kitchens or driving services. The strikes have already been going on for the seventh week. The union once again offered to end the industrial action as soon as possible through a constructive negotiated solution. “The collective bargaining commission is ready to negotiate until an agreement is reached. This is what clinic directors should finally focus on, ”emphasized Schmidt.

The protests continued uninterrupted along with the decision of the labor court. According to Verdi, around 1,000 demonstrators from six houses in NRW gathered on Venusberg outside the University Hospital of Bonn and vented their anger. The workers then marched through the city in a demonstration procession until the last rally at Münsterplatz.

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