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They are happy that the care plans at Wildberger are almost ready (from left): Ulrich Bünger, Carmen Bodio, Clara Le Guellec, Tabea Cramme, Susanne Gärtner and Jürgen Kraft. Photo: hostage

Finding the way to life and creating a reliable childcare offer for parents during the summer holidays and of course giving the children days of fun and joy – these are the top priorities at Wildberger Ferienbetreuung. The developers have now made offers.

Wildberg – At a meeting in the historic castle complex, Mayor Ulrich Bünger and organizers Carmen Bodio and Susanne Gärtner from the Wildberg city administration, city youth worker Miriam Weißer, nature educator Jürgen Kraft and Clara Le Guellec, director of the youth art school Oberes Nagoldtal, announced the plans.

Almost everything is sealed and the registration period begins on June 28. This year, registration will be exclusively online via the wildberg.ferienprogramm-online.de platform, Carmen Bodio explains. Information will be distributed in schools after Pentecost through class distributors. The summer holiday program is open to all pupils of a certain age who live in the city or attend school here, as well as all children of the relevant age. The mayor of Bünger thanked all those involved who once again make up a good, extensive summer holiday program, as well as all clubs, organizations and individuals who wish to offer a program for children. “It is extremely important for us to be able to offer parents the most comprehensive care possible – even during the holidays,” said the head of the city council.

Spend a day in the forest, play and have fun in the monastery complex, discover a creative passion or a colorful selection of program items: In summer, an exciting program awaits the children of Schäferlaufstadt.

Wildberger Wildlife Weeks in Gaisburghütte

Nature weeks for primary school students are held in early August. From August 1 to 5, the offer is addressed to students of grades III and IV, and from August 8 to 12 to grades I and II. The program starts at 9:00 am and lasts until 3:00 pm.

Nature educators Jürgen Kraft, Manuela Strbek and Jonas Neumann discover nature with boys and girls. Many of the children in our society have little relation to the (Black Forest) habitat. Weeks with Nature are designed to spark children’s interest in experiencing the diversity, beauty and exciting environment of our forest. Children experience nature and learn how to deal with our living space in a conscious, caring, protective and appreciative way.

A nature week costs 99 euros per child, if there are several children in one family, the price is reduced by ten euros per child. You can accept 15 participants per week. Children get a meal or prepare it together. Carmen Bodio from Wildberg City Administration will answer your questions. Telephone: 07054/201 116, e-mail: Carmen.Bodio@wildberg.de

Summer care for primary school children

From August 15 to 19, summer care will be offered in the monastery complex in cooperation with the Oberes Nagoldtal youth art school. Participants can get creative here. Another week is planned at the end of the summer holidays. If all goes according to the city administration’s plan, another week with exciting childcare offers will take place from 5 to 9 September. It should also be dry at the beginning of the registration period.

Parents can only book the offer once a week. The price is 99 euros per child, if there are several children in one family, the price is reduced by ten euros per child. A warm lunch is included in the price. The program starts at 8am and ends at 2pm.

summer vacation program

The holiday program will be colorful and diverse, individual points will be organized by clubs, institutions, companies or private persons. There is no printed booklet, the entire program will be available online as it was last year. Children can look forward to exciting offers, from “Yoga for Children and Teens” to “Adventures on Schwarzenbach” to “Safe by Bike”.

Miriam Weißer from the Wildberger youth club is answering the questions. Telephone: 0171/558 01 49, e-mail: info@jugendtreff-wildberg.de

Registration for all offers

Subscriptions for all holiday offers are available from June 28. This year, everything will be handled online via the wildberg.ferienprogramm-online.de platform. Registration is only possible via this portal. The link can also be found on the website of the municipality www.wildberg.de.

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