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In front of the new grandstand curtain (from left): Ilka Brodtmann, Wiebke Ruf, dr. Hinrich Bönicke, Tina Schönfelder from the management board, managing director Thomas Groß, Dr. Peter Ruhnau (sponsoring association), Mandy Eickhoff and Thomas Franke of connect, Lothar Germer (sponsoring association) and director Achim Lenz. © Gandersheim Cathedral Festival

Bad Gandersheim – At the beginning of the 63rd season, the Gandersheim Cathedral Festival received new hangings. The appearance has changed significantly and is a visible signal for a reboot after years of restrictions. As before, the grandstand’s curtain is divided into a part covering all seasons and an area updated every year and related to the new season. This summer, life-size performers can be seen on the Stiftsfreiheit website, optimally directed by festival photographer Julia Lormis.

“We are breaking the old theater curtain and opening the view to the Gandersheim Cathedral Festival,” says Artistic Director Achim Lenz. “We want to signal our viewers with the new look of our stand: We’re back!” Managing Director Thomas Groß thanks the association that essentially finances the new grandstand curtain, and the advertising agency responsible for the project. “We are glad that we were able to implement a new project with an agency that has been closely related to us and has been supporting us for years.” The design of the new grandstand curtain came from the connect agency in Einbeck. “We were very pleased when Achim Lenz and Thomas Groß spoke to us for the first time about their willingness to completely revise the stand curtains,” explains Thomas Franke, connect managing director. “A really exciting project.” In close collaboration with the two managing directors, several connect designers first developed different graphic approaches, one of which became the basis for the final implementation.

Graphically, the new grandstand curtain consists of two parts: A purely typographic, fixed area above the main entrance that only allows individual letters of different sizes to interact to form a whole from a given viewing distance. “This is definitely a destructive, initially polarizing element that will undermine the viewing habits of ordinary viewers,” says Franke. The area is kept in a restrained, purist black and white look that is neutral and therefore in keeping with the colors of the season to come. The changing color, this year green, is the background for the second curtain zone of the stand, which includes, among others, text and image information about the shows and actors of the season, as well as multimedia elements on several screens, explains Thomas Franke.

“We are glad that we can show our visible relationship with open-air theater,” says the president of the association, Dr. Hinrich Boenicki. “We love good theater, that’s why we promote it, actively support the festival, and thanks to this we enable a lively, diverse and exciting summer theater every year.” Anyone wishing to join the association founded in 2005 can become a member and therefore sponsor of the largest professional open-air theater ever in Lower Saxony. And thus enjoy several advantages each season: premiere tickets can only be purchased, there are regular visits with directors’ explanations, and there is also a winter gala for which members receive priority tickets.

Under the slogan “Greenery is no longer doing”, four works can be viewed from 19 June to 21 August in front of the collegiate portal and the studio in the rehearsal center. In a family piece “Treasure Island” Sarah Speiser and Jennifer Traum with music by Ferdinand von Seebach, freely adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson, young Alex goes to the mysterious island. In crime “Name of the Rose” based on the novel by Umberto Eco, the monk searches for a legendary and formidable book. In a musical “Little shop of horror movies” plants (and love!) take over the planet. In a musical satire “Monty Python’s Spamalot – Knights of the Coconut” King Arthur finds the Holy Grail (and more!) About the Knights of the Round Table and their bizarre heroic deeds. As a studio piece “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to see in the rehearsal center, a theater evening with Jan Kämmer and lots of humor.

Tickets are available at the ticket office of the Gandersheim Cathedral Festival, Stiftsfreiheit 12, by telephone on 05382/955 3311 or by e-mail: or online at

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