Today, these feature films are shown: “Lies of Love” with Romane Bohringer

Looking for feature film recommendations for today Wednesday? We have selected for you excerpts from the TV program that are most worth watching. Crime series, thriller, legal drama or award-winning fictional films starring Romane Bohringer, Martina Gedeck and Christian Clavier: here you will find an overview of really valuable films.

Today, Wednesday, you are looking for a fictional film with a star cast in Free TV? Big names like Christian Clavier, Romane Bohringer, Steve Martin and Mischa Barton are waiting for you on TV from 8:15 pm. Make yourself comfortable and experience a thriller, legal drama or crime drama series. These are the tips of the day for feature films.

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Thriller: “Lies of Love” with Romane Bohringer and Vincent Cassel (8:15 pm at Arte)

Max, who is in his 20s, is about to marry Muriel. Before that, he has to go on a business trip to Japan for his company. Just before he leaves, he sees a woman in the cafe, Lisa, who disappeared from his life many years ago without explanation. Like a mirage, she was gone again. Instead of flying to Japan, Max stays secretly in Paris, determined to find Lisa again.

Romane Bohringer as Alice, Vincent Cassel as Max, Jean Philippe Écoffey as Lucien, Monica Bellucci as Lisa, Sandrine Kiberlain as Muriel and Olivier Granier as Daniel promise 110 minutes of entertainment in this Gilles Mimouni thriller.

Demanding legal drama: “End of patience” with Martina Gedeck and Jörg Hartmann (8:15 pm at ARD)

At the center of the fictional story is a juvenile judge Corinna Kleist (Martina Gedeck) fighting in a case very dear to her heart. He stars as an intensely criminal Nazir (21), head of the Lebanese clan that controls drug dealings in Berlin’s Hasenheide. He tries to take responsibility for his younger brother Rafiq, who will soon turn 14 and therefore of criminal age – he was on the way as a drug courier for Nazir. The skinny boy becomes her mission. For a juvenile judge, giving Rafiq a chance means teaching him a lesson.

This Christian Wagner legal drama starring Martina Gedeck as Corinna Kleist, Jorg Hartman as Herbert Wachoviak, Sascha Alexander Gersak as Hück, Sesede Terziyan as Devrim, Mohamed Issa as Rafiq and Hassan Issa as Nazir promise 90 minutes of exciting action, touching romance, challenging storyline and overwhelming tension.

law: actions: tension: Romance:

Exciting comedy: “Monsieur Claude and his daughters” with Christian Clavier and Julia Piaton (20:15 on Kabel 1)

The conservative couple Verneuil are unhappy that their three older daughters are married to Muslims, Jews, and Chinese, respectively. So they are happy when the youngest daughter announces that she wants to marry the Catholic Charles. When they find out that Charles is black, they are terrified. Charles’s parents are also trying to prevent marriage.

This comedy by Philippe de Chauveron with Christian Clavier as Claude Verneuil, Julia Piaton as Odile Benichou Verneuil, Frédérique Bel as Isabelle Verneuil, Emilie Caen as Ségolène Verneuil, Elodie Fontan as Laure Verneuil and Chantal Lauby as Marie Verneuil promise exquisite humor, touching tension and thrilling romance for 130 minutes.

tension: humor: Romance:

Action-packed crime series: “Tatort” starring Peter Sodan and Bernd Michael Lade (10:10 PM on MDR)

At the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig, while a neo-Nazi demonstration is taking place at the central railway station, one local leader named Linhard Banzhaff is found dead. Apparently he was pushed from the upper gallery. There is an unconscious wounded man in the elevator: Stefan Mayer-Lischinski Inspectors determine that Banzhaff must have received a blow to the larynx before he plunged deeper into the monument.

This crime series by Hans Werner Honert, with Peter Sodan as Chief Inspector Bruno Ehrlicher, Bernd Michael Lade as Chief Inspector Kain, Matthias Freihof as Röckmann, Lisa Martinek as Rita Faulhaber, Marie-Louise as Chief Inspector Bruno Ehrlicher and Thomas Schmauser as Stefan Mayer-Lischinski for 90 minutes of thrilling action and captivating tension.

actions: tension:

Comedy: “Cheap by Dozen” with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt (10pm on cable 1)

Soccer coach Tom and his wife Kate are raising twelve children in the country. When Dad gets his dream job in Chicago, the troupe moves to the big city. But the children do not feel well there. When Kate unexpectedly writes a bestseller and has to go on a promotional tour, the house quickly becomes chaotic.

Shawn Levy’s comedy starring Steve Martin as Tom Baker, Bonnie Hunt as Kate Baker, Piper Perabo as Nora Baker, Tom Welling as Charlie Baker, Hilary Duff as Lorraine Baker, and Kevin G. Schmidt as Henry Baker.

Exciting detective series: “Young Inspector Morse” with Shaun Evans and Roger Allam (11:15 pm on ZDFneo)

Feminist Kitty Batten shoots a paint gun at Miss Britain’s Diana at the 900th anniversary parade. Kitty is the daughter of Barbara Batten, who is currently struggling for a seat in parliament. As the incident could harm Barbara Batten’s campaign, Kitty is released. In addition, the young Frida Yellend suddenly disappears.

This Kristoffer Nyholm detective series stars Shaun Evans as DC Endeavor Morse, Roger Allam as DI Fred Czwartek, Sean Rigby as PC Jim Strange, James Bradshaw as Dr. Max DeBryn, Anton Lesser as Superintendent Bright and Nigel Cooke as Walter Fisher promise 90 minutes of love affair and crushing tension.

tension: Romance:

Action-packed comedy: “Cheaper in a dozen 2 – Two Fathers Go crazy!” with Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt (12:20 on cable 1)

A familiar picture still dominates the Baker family. The kids go wild while the head of the family, Tom and wife Kate, trustfully watch over the daily chaos. Now a new adventure awaits us: vacation. This would still be possible if there were no rivalries with the Murtaugh family who have eight children to break out along the way.

Steve Martin as Tom Baker, Bonnie Hunt as Kate Baker, Piper Perabo as Nora Baker-McNulty, Eugene Levy as Jimmy Murtaugh, Tom Welling as Charlie Baker and Hilary Duff as Lorraine Baker promise 105 minutes of exquisite comedy in this comedy directed by Adam Shankman, thrilling action and touching romance.

actions: humor: Romance:

Exciting horror thriller: “Walled In – Walls of Fear” with Mischa Barton and Cameron Bright (00:25 on Tele 5)

Engineer Sam (Mischa Barton) is excited about his first job: overseeing the demolition of an old house. It was once a masterpiece of a mad star architect (Joseph Malestrazza). Sam learns that he had the cruel habit of imprisoning living people within the walls of his buildings. Soon strange incidents began to grow in a brutalist building built in 1990. Only a slightly strange resident Jimmy (Cameron Bright) seems to know what’s going on. – Based on the novel by Serge Brussolo. Mischa Barton did all her acrobatics herself …

Mischa Barton as Sam Walzcak, Cameron Bright as Jimmy, Deborah Kara Unger as Mary, Pascal Greggory as Malestrazza, Noam Jenkins as Peter and Sophi Knight as Julie promise 95 minutes of thrilling action and terrifying suspense in this Gilles Paquet -Brenner horror movie.

actions: tension:

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