Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid: driving report, dates, price

The Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid is great fun off the beaten track. The travel enduro is also suitable for longer asphalt journeys. However, one detail is missing. Driving report, data, photos, price.

  • Simple but reliable engine

  • Puristic electronic equipment

  • Suitable for off-road and road riding

Three years ago, Yamaha not only brought the legendary name back to the game with the Ténéré 700, but this extremely off-road, purist machine was a true alternative to the popular and obese big enduro traveler.

The concept was well received, as was it throughout Europe 30,000 Ténérés sold underline. Now the Japanese are continuing the Ténéré 700 World Raid model, which, thanks to the functions appropriate to its use, has an even more wandering character, and also eliminates some minor weaknesses of the basic model.

Lush 450 km range

Ténéré World Raid: The total capacity of the two tanks is 23 liters © Yamaha

The first thing that stands out is the massive trunk that is the consequence of the greatest request for change from the Ténéré community: sit down here two separate tankswhich, with a total capacity of 23 liters, eliminate the concern of coverage on long journeys and in remote regions. Under normal conditions, the fuel should last about 450 kilometers before the two halves will have to be refilled with their own fillers.

To make such mammoth steps easier to unfold, the transition to the two-piece seat is flat plenty of room to move around to change the weight required in the field. Larger rally-style footrests optimize support and better distribute pressure when standing.

In an ergonomic triangle with a conical steering wheel and a non-slip seat, they offer a very comfortable, active place, so to speak, that even tall people can use relaxed posture enjoy forever. Those who measure less than 175 centimeters are looking for a secure footing on uneven terrain due to the airy lining height of 89 centimeters.

This is due to the high-quality spring elements of the Japanese specialist KYB: the stable 43 mm inverted fork and the central spring strut with expansion tank ensure a significant spring travel of 230 and 220 millimeters, which is also quite difficult terrain can master. Both can be fine-tuned in terms of rebound and compression damping and load preload, driving style and surface, and with just a few clicks, there’s a noticeable change in design.

73 HP engine, strong chassis

The Ténéré engine has already proven itself in the MT-07 © Yamaha

It is not for nothing that the power source remained unchanged, the well-known CP2 in-line double cylinder used on the original model and the MT-07. With its 73 hp and 68 Nm, it is by no means a powerhouse, and the lack of an electronic throttle system makes it possible lack of assistance systems such as different driving modes or traction control. But it does not matter, because on the one hand the all-round unit starts to run at high power from 2000 rpm. On the other hand, the connection between the throttle and the cable on the rear wheel is very direct, allowing for extremely precise power delivery with a gentle response without changing the load.

This pays off especially on unpaved surfaces, such as in the Andalusian hinterland, as the bold gas discharge helps overcome some of the deep gorges and screes that stand in the way. This makes the unit so reliable that even less experienced riders are able to let the rear wheel drift in a controlled manner during World Raid. Very smooth, no sneaky attacks of torque uniformly supported performance development provides a joyful, unpaved life for a two-wheeler.

Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid in pictures

The switch is causing problems

The tightly coordinated turns out to be a good partner when plowing through the Andalusian no man’s land chassis: Be it loose, steep corridors, washed canals or crumbling rocks, World Raid can handle all challenges, including sandy Ramblas with ease. At higher speeds – almost automatically given the strong, trustworthy nature of the new Ténéré – there is an adjustable steering damper that keeps the front end of the vehicle on the track even in heavy impacts.

As a welcome addition, World Raid has one additional ABS mode for tricky things including changing operations: for complete activation and deactivation, there is now an intermediate mode that deactivates only the ABS on the rear wheel – very helpful off-road. This can only be done when stationary by using the knob on the right side of the steering wheel which is known from other Yamaha models, but here it is completely wrong: the wheel is clogged with dust which is thrown upwards so that at the end of the test drive it can only be operated insensitive using rough wings of thumb strength.

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Bluetooth connectivity

The Ténéré display offers three different display modes © Yamaha

The ABS menu will be new 5 inch TFT display display, which offers three different displays: In addition to the “Explorer” screen layout with all important operating data, the “Street” screen focuses on the tachometer as a circular instrument, in “Drive-Over” mode it resembles a typical rally book road with two countdown gauges. Connected with a mobile phone via Bluetooth, it enables via Yamaha MyRide App read further information or save the route.

The new World Raid works not only in the field. For a motorcycle with such a long suspension travel, Yamaha is unexpectedly stable on extremely winding country roads thanks to its balanced weight distribution and the famous Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires for a lot of confidence and grip.

Even when releasing from excellent Brembo dosing clamps the fork does not bend due to the tight tuning of the suspension. The 15mm taller windshield – a community required – along with a wider cantilever improves wind and weather protection on the long-haul adventures that are now possible.

Specifications Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid

manufacturer information

Engine / gear

liquid-cooled two-cylinder in-line engine, displacement 689 cc, 54 kW / 73.4 hp at 9,000 rpm, 68 Nm at 6,500 rpm; four valves / cylinder, dohc, injection, six speed gearbox, chain

driveability and wear

Top speed of 186 km / h, 4.3 l / 100 km


double cradle steel tube frame; 43mm USD front fork, fully adjustable, 230mm travel; Double-sided cast aluminum swingarm at the rear, fully adjustable center spring, 220 mm spring travel; spoke wheels; Tires 90 / 90-21 (front) and 150/70 R18 (rear). 282 mm double disc at the front, 245 mm single disc disc at the rear

mass and weight

wheelbase 1595 mm, seat height 890 mm, weight in running order 220 kg, load capacity 174 kg; Tank capacity 23 l

assistance systems

Switchable ABS

Price £

12,874 euros

The bottom line is that Yamaha just went one step further with the original Globetrotter idea: The Ténéré 700 World Raid is still essential and simple, perfectly controlled, and now even better suited to penetrating the farthest corners of the world – only at a cost-saving operational facial expression is faux belt that will be changed soon. In return, you would also like to contribute a little to the requested EUR 12,874, because the rest is completely successful.

Text: Thilo Kozik / SP-X

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