Feedback: «CETS will surprise you with simplified menu navigation»

In the online survey TRAVEL INSIDE wanted to find out how Swiss travel agency specialists rate the cooperation with CETS. They use the interface on a daily basis: half of the respondents are permanently in the booking system.

Almost one third 1-5 times and a little less than one fifth 6 or more times a day. Almost half (46%) of professionals in the travel industry also use the map feature in Powersearch.

Despite such high usage rates, users are not satisfied with the system. 81% of respondents rate the user interface as outdated.

Dieter Rumpel, Country Manager of DACH Travelport AG (CETS), comments on the survey results

Dieter Rumpel

“Travelport CETS is the most powerful search, comparison and booking platform on the Swiss market with a comprehensive range of services from renowned tour operators, hotel and cruise specialists, car rental companies, travel insurers and other travel service providers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Travelport CETS was created in cooperation with leading tour operators. To ensure the further needs-oriented development of the platform, there has always been a group of expert organizers and, as of 2016, an additional group of CETS power user experts from independent sales.

In these bodies that meet regularly, needs are recorded, ideas are discussed and new solutions are tested. Numerous operator and user suggestions have already been successfully integrated into Travelport CETS, such as search between operators with neutral price comparison in 2012 (PowerSearch) or dynamic packaging in 2017 (CETS ShoppingCart).

In addition to many practical functions, Travelport CETS offers useful card functions in various places. You can search for deals in a specific area, find accommodation on a map, or view additional information such as sustainability certified hotels.

The Travelport CETS will surprise you in fall 2022 with a new design and simplified menu navigation. Functions are simplified, such as entering new bookings or accessing existing dossiers and offers. Moreover, the newly developed CETS ShoppingCart will turn the already available dynamic packaging for customized travel into a new booking experience.

In early June, the first group of experts got acquainted with the new CETS user interface, which led to consistently positive feedback. The second group of experts will appear at the end of June. The defined test agencies will then test the new platform live before the new Travelport CETS is made available to all travel agencies in the fall.

PowerSearch’s cross-operator search and price comparison engine displays the deals and prices provided by the organizers through their Peakwork or OTDS players. The powerful CETS interface ensures that all available player data is displayed on PowerSearch.

If tour operators use upstream caches from third party providers such as airlines, hotel banks, etc., this may lead to price variations or offers that are no longer available. Travelport supports tour operators with analytical tools and reports to ensure that their offers and prices are up-to-date and meet the travel sales expectations and data quality requirements set by Travelport.

The frequently used PowerSearch platform will also be modernized and presented in a new way. To this end, user behavior was assessed and numerous expert discussions were held with PowerSearch users and tour operators. Finally, in the new PowerSearch, both static arrangements and dynamically packable travel services should be accessible, comparable and bookable for sale in an even more needs-based manner. ”

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