Jukeboxx Six is ​​the main act – fun for children

Fuhrbach. The members of the shooting club “Geselligkeit” Fuhrbach look forward to the largest folklore festival in the city, and with them the entire village. “The longing for this crazy event is indescribably great,” says Mayor Beate Sommerfeld.

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She is the secretary of the board and joined the association at the age of 13. “The Schützenfest festival with its amusement park, parade and tent is very important for 900 inhabitants. Especially after a two-year break. ” He hopes for many visitors that the effort will pay off.

A new beginning is a tour de force

The “new beginning”, according to Sommerfeld, is “a feat of strength”. The Schützenfest organization has “also caused some concern” to the management team. Especially when it comes to entertainment. “The financial risk is not negligible.” The search for bands was “all but easy”: “Many groups have broken up, are taking a break, are looking for young people, are fully booked or simply not affordable.”

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At the annual general meeting, the Fuhrbach shooting club “Geselligkeit” celebrated Beate Sommerfeld as “the hero of the club” in April 2022. She was honored for over 25 years of work on the board of the association as part of the “Volunteering Surprise” campaign by the Goettingen District Sports Association. SV chairman Maik Sieber (right) and KSB’s Bernd Gellert congratulated.

Sommerfeld looks to the future: “We are looking forward to three wonderful days in the mountain village of Fuhrbach.” Start on Friday at 7.30 pm: sharpshooters and delegations from local clubs march to the monument – they are accompanied by the St. Andreasberg. The formation is “a traditional team by us and for us,” says club president Maik Sieber.

Dance with “Norbert and Sylvie”

From 20:00 St. Andreasbergers to open Festkommers. After that, dancing with “Norbert and Sylvie” is the order of the day. Entry is free. “The whole city is invited to participate,” said the 53-year-old. The duo has already performed at Armina’s Fuhrbacher Sportfest: Keyboards – she sings: “Both offer music for all generations, from hits to rock” – says the president.

Start Saturday at 9.30am, shooting of kings and kings of the people which ends around 11:45. Children and adolescents from 7 to 14 years of age can take up arms as early as Sunday, June 19 from

Morning mug with country musicians

Parallel to the pictures on the festival Saturday, morning shopping takes place in front of the Schützenhaus. From 10 am, according to Sieber, shooters in the women’s division handed out sandwiches – and village musicians played. “We’ve known the people of Diedorf for ten years,” says Sieber. “A fun group that encourages singing together and fulfills musical requests.”

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At 12:15 in front of the Schützenhaus all the new majesties are announced – first and foremost the successor to the shooter queen Sandra Kohlrautz and the shooter king Hans-Günter Ertmer. From 2 p.m., shooters have been bringing home the kings of the people, children, students and youth from the community and club, as well as other crowned heads – “it takes two hours,” says Sieber. The village is accompanied by musicians and the Scharzfeld-Pöhlde music train.

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Happy Hour and the Sixx jukebox

Then the music continues in the music tent. Entry is free. Happy Hour is held on the square from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, and the rides are offering fun at discounted prices.

On the “main day” there is of course the “main party,” says Sieber – it starts at 8pm. From 9:00 p.m., the band Jukebox Sixx, known in Eichsfeld, will play – in the center of the shooting club vice president of the shooting club, keyboardist Daniel Ziesing. “We’re a classic party band,” says the 32-year-old. Announces current hits, pop, rock and hits. After a decent start (“we’ll be quiet”), it gets louder later: “As the evening goes on, we’ll get better. It’s gonna be a long night, that’s how it should be.

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The start of the Fuhrbacher 2018 parade.

The start of the Fuhrbacher 2018 parade.

Parade on Sunday

There is time to rest before the next climax begins. The parade will start on Sunday at 2pm – accompanied by Harster “Steel Gray 64 Pep & Marching Band”, who will then give a concert in a tent. There are also local clubs and children there: on foot, on bicycles and toddlers pushed by moms in prams, says Sieber.

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In advance, the youngest Fuhrbacher could order a T-shirt with the words “I like Schützenfest” (a word replaced with a heart). The campaign was created in collaboration with Hans-Jürgen Peter, the club’s advertising manager, says Sommerfeld. Sieber emphasizes that anyone who wears a T-shirt when moving home receives a travel voucher. The management organized cars and a carousel for children, barbecue, fish, sweets, pancakes and a shooting range.

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Surprise at the play show

After the parade in the party tent, apart from coffee and cake, admission is free. “Our rifle sisters have come up with something,” says the president. “What they do is a mystery. It will be a surprise.” Actions “for children and with children” are part of the performance. From 4 pm, DJ Wiese from Holungen invites you to dance with free admission – including “Balloon Kneading for Children”.

So that the Schützenfest “does not become a financial hazard for the club”, Mayor Sommerfeld hopes that the festival and the large amusement park will have many visitors after the two-year hiatus in Corona. “We can only appeal to all club members, friends, visitors and fellow clubs in neighboring communities to celebrate and be active in participating.” Anyone who wants to protect themselves and others can register on Friday from 17:00 to 18:30, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00 at the Fuhrbach Examination Center.

by Stefan Kirchhoff

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