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The defense attorney at the Halle trial calls for a “fair sentence.” The lawyer expresses his “deepest condolences” to the victims and their families. However, the attack on the synagogue could not be considered an attempted murder. Annette Ramelsberger and Antonie Rietzschel talk about a terrible deed and process that everyone has their own view of. (SZ Plus)

NRW authority jointly responsible for a fatal accident with a concrete slab. According to one report, a concrete slab should never have been installed in noise barriers due to defects. When in mid-November the blackboard broke off the wall, there was an accident on A3 in which a 66-year-old woman was killed. To information

EXCLUSIVE US demands extradition of terrorist suspects. Washington is demanding the extradition of two Germans arrested in Syria suspected of serious acts of terrorism. But the attorney general is also investigating Islamists. Florian Flade

The next federal elections will be held on September 26, 2021. Federal President Steinmeier sets the date and thus follows the recommendation of the federal government. To information

The dispute between the EU and Hungary and Poland is coming to a close. The proposal of the German presidency of the EU Council is to be soon presented to the other member states. This could end the stalemate in the EU budget. Meanwhile, 256 mayors from Poland and Hungary propose a pact to the EU in a letter to von der Leyen. Author: Florian Hassel

EXCLUSIVE Death comes from Europe. Nearly 100 people are murdered in Mexico every day – and from time to time those who report the violence are also killed. It is not uncommon for lethal bullets to be fired from EU-sourced weapons and should never have been delivered to crisis regions. Christoph Gurk and Phineas Rueckert (SZ Plus)


EXCLUSIVE How are scientists now behaving in private? In a survey of 242 epidemiologists, he provides insight into their very personal behavior during the corona pandemic – and explains why shaking hands wasn’t a good idea before. By Markus Grill, Teresa Roelcke and Ralf Wiegand

Merkel addresses the crown skeptics. With an emotional speech in the Bundestag, the chancellor is campaigning to tighten restrictions in the krone pandemic. Here you can see excerpts from the speech in the video. Nico Fried reports on an appearance Merkel has never seen before. (SZ Plus)

The prime ministers called for a tightening of the coronation measures. Laschet (NRW) wants to end public life in Germany from December 27, and Günther (Schleswig-Holstein) also advocates a tough shutdown after Christmas. From December 15, the government wants to provide 400 million FFP2 masks for risk groups for free. Current news from Germany

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“Why did you say Negro?” The obvious racist mistake of the fourth official causes the game between PSG and Basakseire to be stopped. The players of both teams agree: they don’t want to play with this guy anymore. Olivier Meiler

Mr. Katz, how do you write the perfect email? Hundreds of billions of messages are written every day – “and many are really bad.” Economics professor Guy Katz knows tips on how to do it better. The interview was conducted by Sabine Buchwald

too gay? Too black? Berlin doctor Denis Hedeler accuses his superior, an AfD city councilor, of racism. It sounds plausible – and it’s much more complicated. Jan Heidtmann (SZ Plus)

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How dangerous do you think the lateral thinking movement is? La Couronne considers the decision of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution to be right to observe the lateral thinking movement in Baden-Württemberg: the reader believes that the mixing of esotericists with right-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists and others is “quite dangerous”. Various on the other hand, he writes: “In a pluralist society, we also have to live with ‘lateral thinkers’, even if it goes against the grain. According to polls, these groups are only a small, albeit high-profile, minority and therefore do not pose a threat to the system. At least not in Germany. ” Join the discussion.

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