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In total, the Ministry of Transport recorded 3.3 million vehicles in noise tests, including 206,000 motorcycles. Photo: dpa / Oliver Berg

The Ministry of Transport of Baden-Württemberg has measured noise on around 100 roads in the state in 2020 and 2021. The two routes near Stuttgart are also some of the noisiest points.

With the beginning of spring, many motorcycles have woken up from hibernation again this year. Especially on sunny weekends and holidays, the number of two-wheelers on roads – both motorized and non-motorized – increases. However, the latter are often a nuisance to local residents due to the noise they sometimes cause.

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The Ministry of Transport of Baden-Württemberg commissioned measurements in 2020 and 2021 on 93 routes popular with motorcyclists in 27 counties. Measurements showed that about one in three motorbike traveled louder than 90 decibels, the ministry said in a press release. In the case of cars, it is four percent. “On the other hand, only 13% of motorcycles are quieter than 80 decibels, and 32% of cars.” Almost every third motorbike that passes by is noisy like a jackhammer or a circular saw.

The former Solitude racetrack is popular with motorcyclists

The winding routes in the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest are particularly popular with motorcyclists in this state. But there are also focal points in the Stuttgart region. For example L 1189 / Magstadter Straße from Magstadt towards Stuttgart-Büsnau. The measuring point was located just behind the A 8 and A 81 underpasses, measurements were carried out from August 13 to 26, 2021. Traffic on the L 1187 / Mahdentalstraße from Leonberg towards Büsnau was also recorded approximately at the height of the ADAC traffic training area, from August 2 to 15 July 2021 Both routes run towards Stuttgart to the roundabout at Schattengrund or the S Magstadter Straße in Büsnau, part of the former Solitude race track.

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In August 2021, 31,480 cars were measured on the L 1189 over the weekend, accounting for 22 percent of all traffic. The percentage of motorcycles was 1,671 and 37 percent over the weekend. The loudest motorcycle was recorded at 104 decibels. The loudest vehicle was a car with 118 decibels. Some coaches, buses and trucks have also been measured at around 100 decibels.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the share of motorcyclists on the L 1,187 over the weekend was 61 percent (3,492 motorcycles), compared with a passenger car share of 24 percent (39,025 vehicles). The loudest motorcycle passed the measurement point with 112 decibels, the loudest car had a noise level of 105 decibels. Truck and trailer were recorded at 106 decibels.

Büsnauer has been complaining about the noise from the Magstadter Straße for years

Some residents of Büsnau have been complaining for years about noise, especially, but not limited to, motorcyclists, unnecessary up and down bends, drivers deliberately letting their machines roar loudly. For two years now, there is a noise display under the S-curve, which not only records the noise level of passing vehicles, but also uses the display to call road users to greater attention. The speed limit of 40 was also marked in the bend area. All of this should help reduce noise from Magstadter Strasse to residential buildings in Büsnau.

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A preliminary assessment of data recorded by noise displays in 2021 showed that while peak sound levels were close to 100 decibels, the annual average level was too low to enforce motorbike driving bans, e.g. on weekends. Also because it is not the noise directly on the street that counts, but the level reaching residential buildings – and according to the city authorities it was not loud enough to justify traffic restrictions.

There were twice as many motorcycles on the roads at weekends

According to the Ministry of Transport, the vehicle type, speed and maximum noise level when driving are now measured at the measuring points over a period of approximately 14 days from June to October 2020 and May to September 2021. According to the Ministry, a total of 3.3 were recorded during the investigation period million vehicles, including 2.94 million passenger cars and 206 thousand. motorcycles. Measurements show that on average twice as many motorcycles are on the road on weekends as on weekdays. “On some routes, seven to nine times more motorcycles were counted on weekends than on a weekday,” said the Ministry of Transport.

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