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No one knows exactly what the pandemic and coronavirus will be next, but there is always hope for the best. In any case, Andreas Gabalier looks to the future with great optimism, calling his seventh studio album “A New Beginning”. There is also a new and worth hearing rap superstar Drake and Alanis Morissette, who now creates meditation music.

Andreas Gabalier – A new beginning

“Everything is at the beginning / I ask me where I am,” sings Andreas Gabalier. He has been to Styria recently, among other things, writing songs for his new album. In Nashville, Tennessee, to record them with highly awarded musicians from the US. And then in “Ogrodzie TV ZDF” to present the first fragments of the new album. You can get confused for a while, especially after two years at home because of Corona. But Andreas Gabalier is very happy that he can finally get out again. This is what his seventh studio album “A New Beginning” is all about.

“I am full of confidence and want to motivate people to go out again and dare to leave the house,” explains Volks Rock’n’Roller. Gabalier is therefore “back in the middle of the whirlwind of life” (“New Beginning”) and offers a lot musically. A powerful ballad at the beginning of the album (“Every time and every hero has his wounds”), a hit from the Wachau region from the 1940s (“Mariandl”), a tolerant song about love for people of the same sex (“Love Life”), music electro Fun (“Get your dirndl right”) and even a children’s song (“The Ram Sam Song”). Gabalier will soon bring part of this concert back on stage – after two cancellations due to Corona, his fans festival in Munich is approaching in August, with almost 100,000 visitors expected.

Drake – Honestly, whatever

Only the really big ones can afford such a “surprise” in the pop business, but he is definitely one of them. It wasn’t until September 2021 that Drake released his acclaimed album Certified Lover Boy, which topped the charts worldwide and earned two Grammy nominations. Just nine months later, the Canadian released the sequel “Honestly, Nevermind” without prior notice worth mentioning – there was only one Instagram post a few hours before the premiere.

Drake has been known recently for making a song out of almost any beat – “Certified Lover Boy” contained 21 songs, the previous “Scorpion” (2018) even 25. That’s pretty smart, because more clicks on Spotify make more money and Drake generates a lot of Spotify clicks. his music. On “Honestly, Nevermind” he does it a bit differently, this time it’s “only” 14 songs. And classic rap is rarely used anymore, such as in the song “Jimmy Cook’s” (featuring Savage 21). You can also hear a lot of R’n’B singing, and recently there has also been a rise in deep house: former hip-hop star Drake is increasingly becoming a club musician.

Alanis Morissette – The Storm Before the Peace

A new song by Alanis Morissette, eleven minutes long but no melody, no guitar or piano, no real singing: some fans might have been a bit surprised when the Canadian released the title “Safety – Empath In Paradise” four weeks ago. There might even be frustration. The desired response, however, was quite different, namely complete relaxation. Alanis Morissette now creates meditation music. After Safety, the Ottawa-based singer / songwriter now even releases an entire meditation album.

The project also has something to do with Corona, you could have guessed. During the pandemic, she had the feeling that “I would just dissolve and disappear,” explains Morissette of her label. With the album “The Storm Before The Calm”, which she recorded together with Dave Harrington (Darkside), she wants to counter these signs of a break-up. At least for her, it works: “Meditation calms me down internally – so much so that I have access to ideas, visions, inspiration, and I can hear myself.” If you want to listen and get involved: “Storm Before Peace” is available not only on CD and as a stream, but also via the new mental health app (“Peace”).

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